Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 41: Do Not Be Afraid Of Bad News

Day 41: Do Not Be Afraid of Bad News- What is your reaction when you first get some bad news?  Do you get sick to your stomach, or tight in the chest or maybe you have to sit down cause you feel faint.  Well, all of these are normal reactions to getting bad news depending on the degree of the news.  But, what can help us not be afraid of getting bad news?

This scripture was quoted in the 2009 Watchtower article Psalms 112: 6, 7 "The righteous one...will not be afraid of bad news."  This is an excerpt from that article: "Those whom God views as righteous cannot escape the effects of bad news, but it does not paralyze them with fear.  Instead, their hearts are "steadfast" and "unshakable" as they look to the future with confidence, knowing that God's righteous new world is near.  If disaster does strike, they are better able to cope with the situation because they rely on Jehovah for support.

He never allows his righteous ones "to totter"-he gives help and strength to endure.: (Phil. 4:13) end of quote.

Isn't that comforting to know that if we put first God's kingdom and his righteous he will never leave us in the lurch so to speak.  We can confidently rely on him for help no matter what the circumstances.

Day 40: When All Suffering Will End- Knowing that the words found in the Bible are faithful and true gives me confidence that the promises like this one will come true very soon.  I live each day waking up and looking forward to what I can share with someone about those coming promises.  It gives me great joy knowing that I can make a difference in someones life and bring them the lasting peace and joy that I experience daily from the hope found in the Bible. 

When you have true faith that things are going to get better and you don't have to die and go to heaven to see these changes, you feel like a huge load has been lifted off your mind.  Learning the real purpose God created the earth and humans in the first place was to live forever in a beautiful paradise condition in perfect harmony with the animals and the earth makes complete since when you see all that is around us. 

The great variety of plants and food made just for our enjoyment.  The vast variety in landscapes all over the earth. The sea life and the flying creatures all in great variety with a great design in each one gives one real cause to meditate on these wonderful works.

Stop and really think about it, do you long to die and go to heaven or do you long to have good health and enjoy life and live as long as you can?  That is because that is what we were made for to live forever in perfect health on this wonderful planet made just for us.  That is the real life, everlasting life on a paradise earth.  Will you live to see it?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 40: When All Suffering Will End

Day 40: When All Suffering Will End: Just think of a time when there will be no more war, no more poverty, no more housing shortages, no more sickness or death.  Hard to believe some may say.  But, if you read the Bible you'll know where I get this wonderful idea from.  It's not by any human government, history has surely proven that would be impossible for man to bring about.  They can't even cure the common cold much less end all sickness and war.

So, where do you put your trust?  It is in a wonderful promise God made when Adam and Eve sinned and brought us into this sad condition.  God promised a kingdom that would rule from heaven with Jesus as king.  When Jesus was here on earth you can read in the books of the gospel all about the miracles he performed along with preaching about the coming kingdom blessings. 

That is what we pray for in the Lord's prayer, let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as in heaven.  Do you ever stop and think about what that really means?  You're asking for God to change the conditions here on the earth. You're asking for him to rule over mankind and to bring peace to the world.

Let me give you an illustration, suppose you wanted to go to a university to study medicine.  Would they just accept you with out an application first?  Would you be able to break the rules and stay in the course?  But, rather wouldn't you have to take an entrance test and pass with a certain score to get accepted in the University?  Wouldn't they give you a list of rules for getting to class on time, and if you miss so many classes you are dropped from that course and have to take it again next semester? 

So, why wouldn't God do the same for those who will live on a clean, peaceful paradise earth?  He has all the requirements in the Bible and what is needed to be chosen to live under his new Kingdom here on the earth.  And, he tells us what is required at John 17:3 This means everlasting life, there taking in knowledge of you the only true God and of the one you sent forth Jesus Christ.

So, just like at a University you'd have a professor that would instruct you in the course you were taking, you need someone trained in the Bible to help you come to an accurate understanding so you can be accepted into that new world society.

Day 39: Maintain an Appreciative Attitude- As you can see from my above post that I am a student of the Bible. That is where I get my guidance to help me through every test that comes upon me in this wicked world we live in today.  Without that help and guidance I'd be lost, miserable and living my life for myself and not for God. 

But, happily I know what he says is needed to be truly happy today and that is found at Matthew 6:25-34 Here we are promised that if we keep on seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness all the necessities of life will be given to us.  That doesn't mean we'll have steak and wine every day or live in a mansion. But, that we will be taken care of with food, clothing and shelter.

So, if ill health strikes you don't be anxious about your soul, just rely on the God who promised he will soon bring an end to all this suffering and keep on praying for endurance.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 39: Maintain an Appreciative Attitude

Day 39: Maintain an Appreciative Attitude-There has been an upward trend on talk shows and in magazine articles about being grateful for what you have in order to be happy in life.  Everywhere, you turn these days there are more and more articles about that.  It is obvious from the world we live in today why this is so.

When they started televising wars on tv while they happened, that was a wrong turn for humanity.  So, how can you keep a positive attitude when there is violence and wars all around you?  Let's take it in three steps.

First, what does the bible teach?  "In connection with everything give thanks" 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Second, what is the challenge?- We are surrounded by badness, people who are haughty and unthankful, attitudes that can rub off on us. (2 Timothy 3:1,2)  And, we all have the tendency to add more on our plate than we can reasonably handle.  This causes us to become so preoccupied with our own problems that we fail to take the time to appreciate what we already have or what others do for us.

Third, what can you do?- Take time out to stop and be grateful for the good things in your life.  Sometime, we will feel overwhelmed by problems, but consider an example found in the Bible of King David.  He had his share of trials and problems. Some brought on by others and some by himself. At Psalms 143:3-5 we read how he never became unthankful but kept an appreciative attitude and remained content.

So the next time someone does something kind for you express your appreciation by thanking them.  And, remember that every good gift comes from God, so we should thank him in our prayers daily.  By regularly doing so we will maintain an appreciative spirit and cultivate contentment. Philippians 4:6, 7

Day 38: Just Say No!- This has always been hard for me.  I tend to think I should help everyone that asks me to.  But, I soon learned as I matured that you can't say Yes! all the time either.  You soon get burned out and used up.  I finally have learned how to negotiate with those who want favors all the time.  If they want me to do something that they are just too lazy to do themselves I give them conditions that I will do this for them if they can meet my conditions.

This soon stopped the favors from being asked all the time and the endless phone calls.  Why, do others think that your life is less important than theirs and that you have nothing better to do with your time than to be their personal secretary or do gooder?

I can tell you it feels good to take back my own time and do what I need to do and not be doing things that are others responsibilities.  Now, more than ever this is very important in my life. So take back your life, just say NO!