Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway With Delecto Art

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway With Delecto Art: Ladybug:   We did it!!!! We made the Etsy Team Spirit List!!! This list is for those teams that "  exhibit exceptional amounts of team spiri...

WoodstreamDream: Enjoying...

WoodstreamDream: Enjoying...: I've been enjoying down time after the Give the Gift of Art 100s under $100 event at the Markeim Arts Center  in Haddonfield. Then the Sun...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Etsy Farmgirl Team Wins Etsy Team Spirit Award for 2012!

I am jumping for joy today!!!  Why?  Because my humble ltitle team on Etsy of only 40 members managed to make it on the top 10 list of Etsy teams that show just how much their team means to them!!!  As Captain of the team and Owner of the co-op I have been blessed with a wonderful group of woman who give me 100% of their support for all the activities we plan and undertake.

It is no small feat to accomplish what we did in 2012.  Take a look for yourself!

DID YOU KNOW.........Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Won!!!! 

DID YOU KNOW.........Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op advertises as a group with the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag? 
DID YOU KNOW.......Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op published their first book in 2012?
 DID YOU KNOW.....Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op won the Etsy Fellowship Award? 
 DID YOU KNOW......Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op won the Etsy Team Spirit Award for 2012? Now you do!!! 
Want to be a part of our group?  You can!  Join us in 2013 and be a part of our great cooperative group. Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op

Here is what we have coming up in 2013:

*  Celebrity Swag Bag Events
*  Publish our 2nd book
*  5 Eco-Gift Sampler Bags
*  Teacher Gifts
*  Car Care Gifts
*  Gift of the Month Club

Turn your hobby in to an income with us!  What are you waiting for, sign-up today!!!

Congrats! to these team members:

Country Cents
CJW Design Village
Kallie's Cotton
DLA Bead Design
Creative Designs
Creative Craft Supply
Sunshine Sister's
Delecto Art
Wood Stream Dream
Wood Stream Papery
Pages of Ages
Dala Designed
Printed Words of Wisdom
Sharon's Candle Shop
Peace O Cake
The Garden Garage
Murray Designs
Sweet Ties Hair Ties
Quilted With Prayer
Forest Pure
RT Styles
Michelle Rose Boutique
Wee Princess
Idemas Gifts
Carla's Creative Corner
Biscotti Queeen
Eastwood Designs NH
Jeanpatch by MK
Femmes Leigh
Printed Bible Games
Fractek Designs 

Sending you Best Wishes!!!

Marsha Jaramillo


Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With CJWDesignVillage

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With CJWDesignVillage: Ladybug: Has everyone has been enjoying our weekly game known on Etsy as a BNR or BNS.  Simple put it is an online craft show!  We hope you ...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Kalliescotton

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Kalliescotton: Ladybug:   I hope everyone has been enjoying our weekly game known on Etsy as a BNR or BNS.  Simple put it is an online craft show!  We hope...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifts for the Men or the Geek!

Smart Phone Charging Station!

Mini Recipe Notebooks!                      
Cook Lover's Eco-Gift Sampler Bag!  You will find all these products in my Etsy shop: Jeanpatchbymk!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Calendar of Events

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Calendar of Events: The Fun Continues With: Crea tive Designs by Della Time: 24 hours for your shopping pleasure Date: November 1 9 to November 25 Ve...

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Member Classifieds

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Member Classifieds: Jeanpatch by MK : Daily Deals Buy any greeting card and get the second one at half price!   Buy any vintage hankie card and journa...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Watkins Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent & O Magazine

O The Oprah Magazine (circ: 2,461,464) provides women with information and tools needed to follow and reach their dreams and lead a more fulfilling life. Content offers stories and ideas stamped with Oprah's unique vision on health, fitness, personal finance, careers, finance, relationships, self-discovery, beauty, fashion, home design, books and food. Gives readers the "you can do it" message, trumpeting individuals' triumphs over adversity.

Watkins Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent in O Magazine!

We're happy to share that Watkins Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent will be featured in the December issue of O The Oprah Magazine in their "December Beauty Forecast." The article offers recommendations on smart ways to defy the effects of winter weather. There is a great image of the product featured next to tips about updating your laundry routine, including switching to fragrance-free laundry detergent.

You can buy this product on my website! Click Here!  I use this myself and for my family the lemon scented one is fantastic!  A very mild lemon smell that leaves your clothes fresh and clean.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Country Cents: Samples, a great way to try something new!

Country Cents: Samples, a great way to try something new!: If your like me, you prefer to try something new once in aw hile .  Well, let me share a wonderful secret with you , Sample Shopping!   ...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Easy Meal Planning With Country Gourmet Home

November Tickle Your Taste Buds Bundle
$ 24.50   What comes in this meal kit:   Cranberry Crunch Fudge Mix - Honey Corn Bread Mix - Roasted Turkey Seasoning - Creamy Garlic Mashed Potato Seasoning - Hickory Ranch Dip - Pumpkin Pie Spice Dessert Mix - Cranberry Cardamom Clove Wax Melt .......................................................All you need is the Turkey and good company!  To order click here!       

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!: Ladybug:  Wow! Did we get hit hard this past week in the tri-state area.  We were with out power for 3 days and the internet finally came ba...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Etsy Team Wins Etsy Fellowship Grant!!!

I am shouting this from the rooftops!!!  I am the Captain of the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Etsy Team.  We are a small team of 38  members, but we are strong, motivated and supportive of each other.  I keep my team busy with activities in our weekly training classes on Facebook.  They never complain that they can't keep up, they pull up their bootstraps and plow right on through the task at hand.

With a team like that I was moved to apply for the Etsy Fellowship Grant in September 2012.  I had no idea whether our little team would matter to Etsy Admin folks, but it was worth the chance of at least putting ourselves in front on them and to say 'We are here'!

When I first received the email with the subject: 'Your teams fellowship grant application,' my heart skipped at beat.  I said a prayer and kept calm deciding no matter what it said it was at least a response.  Well, I could have been blown over with a feather when I read that they wanted to get more information about our team activites.  A phone appointment was set and suddenly I was astir with all kinds of emotions.  

I could not spill the beans until I knew for sure if we were going to get a grant or not for our fundraiser.  Well, today Etsy sent me the funds so that we could place our order and get our fundraiser rolling!!!  Wahoo!!!!

Get ready for the first in a series of books from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op team.  It will be available for sell on our website in a few weeks.  It is a recipe, tips and diy project book rolled into one!!!  All the members of the co-op contributed so you'll get to visit each of their shops as you read each page.

I am so proud of my team and hope you will support our fundraiser by buying one of our first books.

Please let me hear your thoughts about our great news!!!!  Leave a comment here for us!!!

To join our co-op visit SUNSHINE FARM GIRL CO-OP!

Many Blessings,

Marsha Jaramillo

Monday, October 29, 2012

Special Shopping Discount Code From Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op!

  I wanted to show you a sneak peak at my new children's product line coming soon to my Jeanpatchbymk shop!  You can use the special coupon code above to pre-order your children's mixed media art journal.  They are absolutely adorable!  Tons of pockets for little hands to reach in and pull out a fun project.  Lots of special surprises on each page.  There is even a chalkboard!  I used vintage Little Golden Books and altered them into these fun activity centers for kids of ages 5 and up!  

Each art journal comes with my own mini handmade book as seen at the bottom left side.  These are all unique and one of a kind.  I also do custom themes and colors.  If you would like a great fun sustainable gift for the little one in your life I'd be happy to make it for you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Country Gourmet Home Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog

Country Gourmet Home Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog

I recently found a wonderful company that makes natural gourmet mixes without artificial ingredients. Once you buy them and get ready to prepare your families meal you'll want to be sure to buy natural or organic products to add to your meal in order to keep the whole meal preservative and additive free.  Most of the mixes only require water so adding purified water instead of tap water would keep it chemical free.  The same would apply to the other meal mixes or dessert mixes.

 Browse their Fall &Winter 2012 Catalog on my website.  Country Gourmet Home products come in these wonderful selections;  Gourmet Food Mixes, Wax Melts, Lotion Bars & More.  Simply click below to browse our Country Gourmet Home Catalog!

Each day you'll find a new money saving deal.  So bookmark the website below and check back daily to save big.  We also have a monthly special where you'll find meal kits and exclusive products available only through these special meal planning kits.


Country Gourmet Home Catalog fall/winter 2012

If you are ready to order or you think a Country Gourmet Home Business might be for you please Click here to visit my website!



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Started on YouTube

To YouTube and Beyond!!!

Do you YouTube?  If not, it is a great way to promote your business or a great place to show off your DIY projects.  Do you know how to add the little share buttons at the bottom of the posts here on Blogger?  You can make a video about how to do that and it will get tons of views and likes.  From there you can just keep adding more videos and the next thing you know you are popular and go viral.  

I had no idea what I needed to do other than have a web cam or camcorder.  I first googled "How to make a video on YouTube with your laptop".  There was a great YouTube video done that showed exactly how to get started.  It did take a little time for me to figure out how to upload it and find it in my documents file.  But, after that little research I was 'live' on YouTube!

I've made two videos so far.  One is about my website, Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op and our sampler bag.  The second one is about one of my mixed media art journals.  It is so much nicer to see a product on live video than just seeing it in a picture.  YouTube even has their own fix-it features built right into the program.  So, if you are a little shaky there is a fix-it button for that!  If the lighting is not bright enough there is a fix-it button for that.

And, the cool thing is it tells you these issues so you can just hit the button and in a flash your video is now close to perfect.  Of course, being an amateur at this means that your first few videos will be like a "B" movie.  But, that's okay.  It is fun to tweak your location and gain confidence in yourself and then over time your videos will improve and it will show. 

Here are my first two that I made.  Check them out and please 'like' them and subscribe!  

Mixed Media Art Journal

Eco-Gift Sampler Bag 


If you've already made a DIY video on YouTube please share it here in the comments section.  I'd like to stop by and 'like' it for you.  Stay tuned for more of my fun videos coming to my channel real soon!



Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!: Ladybug :   It's finally started to cool down here in Florida. The weather during the daytime is in the mid 80's now.  I am so excited about...

WeePrincess Etsy Shop: Wee Princess is Growing

WeePrincess Etsy Shop: Wee Princess is Growing: Wee Princess Etsy Shop Goings-ons I decided to open my etsy shop so that I can share my love of creating unique one-of-a kind items that I...

Creative Designs by Della: Baker's Twine Giveaway

Creative Designs by Della: Baker's Twine Giveaway:   Join or follow my blog site, leave a comment on this post and email your address to me and you'll receive a free sample of baker's twin...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Designs by Della: Free Ribbon Reminder - Creative Designs by Della: ...

Creative Designs by Della: Free Ribbon Reminder - Creative Designs by Della: ...: Creative Designs by Della: Inspired by Ribbon Product Giveaway : Pretty ribbon is what is inspiring me to create today.  What is inspiring y...

WoodstreamDream: Weekly Top 5

WoodstreamDream: Weekly Top 5: Here are the lovely finds I came across this week!  Daisy Flower Print in black and white available from ReflectionsofKayla ...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Vintage 50s Treasures

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With Vintage 50s Treasures: Ladybug:    This week one of our team members, Joanna Vaughan, posted some suggestions to help boost sales.  She asked us to take a look at ...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With DLA Bead Design

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Giveaway Contest With DLA Bead Design: Ladybug :  What a rainy week we have had here in Florida.  I wonder if the leaves are changing yet up north?   Who's in the Spotlight this...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Join A Winning & Supportive Team on Etsy!

The Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Team would like to invite all Work-At-Home Mom's and Women who work outside the home but love to craft and sew to join our Etsy team, click here >>> SFGCTEAM!

What is so special about our team?  Well, for one thing we are very supportive of those with health issues.  Several of us on the team are dealing with chronic health issues.  Others, have young children and have limited time for their shop but need a support group that keeps them motivated.  We have members of all age brackets too.  So whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 you are a perfect fit for our team.

We conduct weekly classes to keep you on track and help you stay focused on your goals.  We never give up on ourselves or each other.  So, if you have been looking for a team that will support you and really help you grow your business then give us a try!

Be warned we are an active team and we expect everyone who joins to give their best to support our team activities.  Read the rules on our join page at this link and if you feel you'd like to give us a try then just apply and I'll review your application and help you get started on the best experience on Etsy you'll ever have!

We not only have our Etsy team but we also have a blog, Facebook Fan page and website all linked together.  We advertise on a national level on major websites and in magazines all in our niche.

I hope this has given you the motivation you've needed to get off your chair and on your feet and join the handmade marketplace called Etsy!

Happy Crafting,

Marsha Jaramillo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Sampler Bag Full of Handmade Gifts and More!

Today is Blog posting day for the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Team!  Happy Thursday!!!

I'm going to share a preview with you today of a new and exciting program we are launching in January 2013 on our website.  You may be familiar with us or you may not be, yet!  I hope after reading this post that you will be curious enough to head on over and check us out.

There are not very many people who can be thought of in today's handmade market that truly are giving a helping hand at no cost to others.  I'm speaking of a great website called Mary Jane's Farm forum.  It is a free forum where you can barter, swap, sell anything.  Plus, you can share your ups and downs of family life and business life and someone will listen and have a word of encouragement or excitement in return.

I've been to several other Mom forums and Mary Jane's Farm is the only one that I have had success on.  Why?  Because, it is a group of like minded women who truly care about other women.  I'm not saying that the other forum's don't have women who truly care about other women.  But, that for me personally I have not found the same warm and caring environment elsewhere.

That is until I started my own website based on that kind of warm and caring attitude.  You can really make friends with the women who are a part of my website, just like I did on Mary Jane's website.   I hold weekly classes in our private Facebook group where we share marketing strategies, promotion ideas and a word of support along the way.

We work together as a team, not against each other behind someone's back.  This is a real gift if you can find it in yourself to give for the good of the group. If this is you, then we'd like to invite you to share your gift with us.

At the present time we are promoting our (click here>>>>>) Eco-Gift Sampler Bag.  It is filled with 14 wonderful handmade gifts and direct sells samples.  All in one cute bundle for just shipping and handling! 

In Our Handmade Gift Sampler bag there are two direct sells products.  One is from Watkins Naturals and the other is from Thirty-One Gifts.  You'll have to buy a bag to find out what the other 12 full size handmade gifts are.  I can promise you that you won't be disappointed.

I promised you a preview of our new program coming in January 2013.  Here is a picture of one of the seller's item.  See if you can figure out what it might be about from the picture.

 I'll give you another clue in November and in December I'll make the big announcement.  And, give you a sneak peak at other seller's products from my website that are participating in this new and exciting adventure with me.

Don't forget to visit our website and pick up you Eco-Gift Sampler Bag today! 

Have a Sunshine Day!



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etsy Shops and Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op!

Here are my 5 featured shops I picked to share with you this week from my Etsy team and Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op members!

 The Jolly Bangle Murray Designs              
   3D Handmade Flower Greeting Card "thinking of you" It's A Matter of Passion
Studded Hair Tie BraceletSweet Ties Hair TiesPhoto: All-In-One Organizer

Product Code: 3258


8"H x 12"W x 6.5"D

This cute and handy product is perfect for organizing around the house, at the office or wherever you're looking to tidy up! It features two exterior mesh pockets, and it collapses for easy storage! Gifts Rep Dawn Hernandez

Raw Wildflower Honey, Tennessee Wildflower 1/2 lb Antique Style Jar Raw Pure Honey, 8oz Honey Hillside Honeybees
Here are the 5 picks from Reflections of Kayla!
The Rainbow Promise - Printable Bible Game - PDF file Fun Bible Games   Yellow Beaded and Polymer Clay Earrings DLA Bead Design
Fall Autumn Acrylic Tile Stickers Creative Craft Supply  2 Bamboo Pendants for 3 dollars, vintage prints, His and Her  Golfers Fractek Designs

Color block candle Sharon's Candle Shop

Here is the featured 5 picks from Vintage 50s Treasures shop!
Baby Blanket or Adult Lap Blanket Green and Ivory with Purple Border- SALE ITEM Jeanpatchbymk   Flower Pin No.050 Felted Ivory and Green Cashmere with Vintage Button Woodstreamdream

Dictionary Print - Green, Blue And Yellow Butterfly - 6 3/4" x 9 3/4" Vintage Dictionary Art Print Pages of Ages  VW Beetle Bug Coin Purse, Ear Bud/ Earphone Pouch,  Binky Bag-- Appliqued Zipper Pouch- Psychedelic Blue Sunshine Sister's

 Red Rocks Arizona Watercolor Print by Carla Garloff Carla's Creative Corner

You'll find all of these shops on our Etsy team and website! Click here!  Become a member today and help support our mission!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Stuff! Free Samples!!! Freebies!!!

It recently came to my attention that you can get free samples of handmade products and only pay for shipping and the listing fee on Etsy the handmade marketplace.  So, that struck a cord near and dear to my heart cause I love getting samples of things that I am interested in trying before I buy a bigger quantity.

That discovery led me down a path of excitement as I contemplated the scope of possibilities this could have for my co-op members.  I always try out my ideas first on my families 3 shops on Etsy before I announce the ideas to the group, but this one I just knew would work so I shared it right away with them.

By now I'm sure you are asking yourself what are your 3 free samples you are offering us?  Well, I'm so glad you asked cause I'm ready and willing to tell you!!!!  Here they are!!!!  Tell me what you think and please by all means get them all so you can come back here and give our reader's your feedback.

In our Vintage 50s Treasures shop we are offering you one free yo-yo with a vintage button embellishment for .50 plus shipping!  Each sample is one per address in the U.S. only!  Next, up is our free sample my Jeanpatch by MK shop!

This freebie is one of my popular items.  Beautiful hand stitched envelopes.  The decorative side is inside and the white is on the outside for writing the name and address clearly.  I take custom orders for parties and weddings.  One of my customer's ordered 100 for wedding favors to put a CD in for each of their guests to have a memento of their wedding!  Pick one up today in my Jeanpatchbymk shop!

The ever versatile bookmark made from vintage book pages!  These are the cutest heart shaped bookmarks!  We take vintage books that we make into secret safe books and save the cut-out pages for other projects.  These make great gifts for avid reader's, teacher's and when you want a novel gift!  Pick up your free sample in our Reflections of Kayla shop!

Be on the lookout for the announcement when the rest of my member's have their freebies ready for you to try.

Happy Savings!

Marsha Jaramillo


Friday, September 21, 2012

My Florida Garden Sept 2012

Green as far as the eye can see in my Florida Garden!

These purple and white flowers greet you as you come up the walkway!  The yellow flowers are what is raining down from my Rain Tree!  The bees are humming by the thousands around the flowers on the tree.

How many of you can recognize this plant hanging in the basket?  It is a rare plant and very hard to keep alive unless you put it in an ideal spot and don't move it, ever!  It is a rice cactus!  It gets shade and rain and plenty of morning sun.  I have had this plant for over 20 years!  Isn't that a huge accomplishment!!

I love succulent plants as well.  Before my illness I would get out in the yard daily and tend to my variety of plants.  Now they are pretty much on their own and somehow they still do great!!!  I guess the love God is pouring down on them for me is doing the job better than I could.

This is Kayla's corner!  Two rain trees seeded in the pot so we are waiting for DH to pull them out.  They have super-glue on the roots so it takes a man to uproot them.  The bottom pot is the rest of the succulent variety.  The frilly thin leaf plant is an umbrella plant, these are great for cleaning the air indoors. Then there is a lovely vine type plant that Kayla planted that has the prettiest yellow flowers.  It has over-grown the trellis and that is why it is leaning over.
Behind that on the wall is another vine plant called a filadendron.    And, the ever spreading passion flower vine is in the mix too!

I hope you enjoyed this walk in my garden today.  Please share your garden pictures with us on your blog or Facebook page and leave a comment here so we can take a peek.  I love gardens, don't you!

Have a Green Day!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose!

Where does the time go?  Here we are at the door of Fall and only 3 months away from closing out another year!  Do you have goals still for this year to complete?  If you are like me you have a list of things-to-do each day and some just never seem to get done on time.

Well, a while back I presented a new product line to my Etsy shop.  It was those beautiful vintage hankie greeting card and journal sets.  I've sold a few and had several more in the making and just needed to complete the inside of the cards.

So, this week I made it a goal to get those finished and listed in my shop.  Well, they are just about finished so I wanted to share them with you before I put them in my shop tomorrow.  Are you ready to ooh and ahh?  Take a look and tell me which one you like best!

I made ATC (artist trading cards) to go with each set.  The cool thing about these are that the little journal covers can be taken off and another new book can be put inside.  The inside of the card has a fabric pocket for you to keep little tidbits of stuff in and the card can be displayed on a shelf cause it is so pretty.

For all you purple passion ladies, this one is made especially with you in mind!  It comes with a cute journal cover that has a bird appliqued on the front.  Along with a special ATC!  This card is tall and just gorgeous, don't you think!

This is my coffee lovers set!  I appliqued a cute coffee cup on the front of the journal cover.  The card has the words Savor on the front!  When you love to drink coffee, you really savor every sip!

Never fear, I didn't leave out the tea lovers either!  This set is pretty in pink!  A cute tea cup is on both the card and the cover.  The inside fabric matches the journal cover.  A perfect finish to the perfect cup of tea!

You've heard of those birds and bees!  Well, this is the flowers and the trees and butterflies!  I love this set the most out of them all!  I just love flowers and butterflies!  I can't help it, it started when I was a child and stayed in my blood!  Green is one of my favorite colors so I focused on the green in the card when I made the cover for the journal and the little ATC.

Okay, so now you have seen them all.  Which one is your favorite?  Please leave a comment and let me know, would ya?

Have a Happy Day!



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WeePrincess Now Open: Wee Princess Shop Now Open!

WeePrincess Now Open: Wee Princess Shop Now Open!: Yay!  A new etsy shop and now a new blog!!  What more can a girl ask for . First I'd like to say, Thank you for taking the time to stop ...

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Shop Hop with CJW Designvillage!  LADYBUG:  I am S...

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Shop Hop with CJW Designvillage!  LADYBUG:  I am S...: Shop Hop with CJW Designvillage!    LADYBUG:  I am Sunshine's new blog writer.  Let's get started with this week's featured shop. ...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Want Free Gifts?!

How many places have you found in your search on the web that offer free samples of their handmade products?  They will laugh you right off the page!!!  If they do give a sample you might need a microscope to see it once it arrives in the mail!!!

That is not the case at Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op you'll find that you can buy full size handmade gifts and direct sales products for just the cost of shipping and handling!  And, you don't just get one product you get over 10 full size products in their Eco-Gift Sampler bags!!!

This is what came in the July Summer & Family bag!  If you didn't get one you may still be able to by visiting the website at: Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op!  

1. Sunshine Sister's offered a free bookmark
2. Country Cents offered a free reusable cosmetic wipe
3. Reflections of Kayla offered a free hand drawn note card
4. Jeanpatch by MK offered a free crochet dishcloth
5. Vintage 50s Treasures offered a free vintage fabric gift tag
6. Kallie's Cotton offered a free fabric coaster
7. CJW Design Village offered a free daisy hair pin
8.  Dolly Madison offered a free clay button
9.  Pages of Ages offered a free vintage paper art work
10. Printed Words of Wisdom offered a free French mini journal
11. Creative Designs by Della offered a free mini scrapbook
12. Creative Craft Supplies offered a free Thank you stamp
Plus, a free Watkins Natural Products!

Their next Eco-Gift Sampler Bag is now on sale and has a fun Tea party theme!  It is chock full of wonderful and adorable handmade and direct sales products that will delight you!  Fourteen in all!

Here are the shops you'll find in the bag:
1. Country Cents
2. Jeanpatchbymk
3. Reflections of Kayla
4. Vintage 50s Treasures
5. Wood Stream Dream
6. Wood Stream Papery
7. Kallie's Cotton
8. CJW Design Village
9. Pages of Ages
10. Wee Princess
11. DLA Bead Design
12. Creative Designs by Della
13. Thirty-One Gifts
14. Watkins Natural Products
If you are a fan of the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op and love their Eco-Gift Sampler Bags then we'd like to hear from you.  Leave a comment and tell us what you like best about these free gifts!

Have a Sunshiny Day!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Handmade Gift Product Review

This post is a product review of my website's Eco-Gift Sampler Box for April 2012.  I do a handmade sampler box 4 to 5 times a year with a different theme.  In April I presented a Spring themed box of handmade gifts from members of my Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op website.

Here is what was in the box.  

Reflections of Kayla - original artwork drawings made into note cards.   

Country Cents - One-of-a-kind sewing creations.  A lovely mug rug or snack mat.
On the left is a adorable handmade fabric tissue holder for your purse or office.  Made by Sunshine Sisters where you'll find more great designer fabric custom made housewares.

Finally, there was a handmade product by Jeanpatch by MK.  My very own sustainable shop and I specialize in altered vintage books,  journals, weekly planners and greeting cards just to name a few.  I made a drawstring bag out of beautiful bird and butterfly fabric.
Our July Eco-Gift Sampler Box is filled with 12 handmade gifts with the fun Summer & Family theme.  You can have your own surprise party when you open the box and take out each adorable item.  The hard part will be if you want to give some away or keep them all for yourself!

Order one for you and a friend on our website, click here.  As soon as they are all sold I will do a product review for each of the 12 shops that are in the box.

Please sign up for our weekly newsletter on the home page of my website at the above link.  You'll keep updated on all the co-op happenings and get to meet each of our 140 shops of our Etsy team each week.

Here is a sneak peek of the July Eco-Gift Sampler Box!

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: The fun continues with Vintage 50s Treasures Blog ...

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: The fun continues with Vintage 50s Treasures Blog ...: The fun continues with Vintage 50s Treasures Blog Hop & Shop Hop! Snowflake: Hello Again Dear Friends! Are you ready for some more fun w...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Money For Paying Bills, Shopping or Whatever!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Celebrating with CJW Design Village

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Celebrating with CJW Design Village: Celebrating with CJW Design Village Snowflake: Welcome to another fun week with the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op members. We have a great me...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Celebrating Special Moments with Creative Designs ...

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Celebrating Special Moments with Creative Designs ...: Celebrating Special Moments with Creative Designs by Della Snowflake: It is so good to be here with you this week to celebrate special ...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Class Reunion with Vintage 50s Treasures!

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Class Reunion with Vintage 50s Treasures!: Class Reunion with Vintage 50s Treasures! Snowflake: Hello Dear Readers, Can you believe it is June, which means families will be pla...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Family Cookout with Kallie's Cotton

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: Family Cookout with Kallie's Cotton: Family Cookout with Kallie's Cotton: Snowflake: We are continuing our outdoor theme this week with our 'Family Cookout Party'! Let's c...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just How Good Is Etsy?

For those of you wondering if selling on Etsy is worth it or not and wondering if you should open an Etsy shop here are my Jeanpatch stats for the last 30 days.                        1,028
Direct Traffic                     186                         51
Etsy Mini                            18               18                  8              7       7                                4           4           

As you can see the majority of my traffic comes from customer's coming right to Etsy.  Facebook, twitter and other social networks did not make the top 10 list.  Interesting to see my traffic comes from my website Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op, my Etsy mini which is found on my blog and website blog and in the Sunshine Market Place.  Handmade Spark, Yahoo, MJF, google and direct traffic all made the top 10 list.

Keeping track of where your traffic sources come from and where your sales come from help you focus your attentions on where to advertise the most.

It pays to have a blog and website to promote your items on and use google to get your items ranked on the first page.  To find out how to get your items on the first page of google join my website, Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op and I'll share all these tips with you. 

Here are some of my sold items from the last 30 days.

         Flower Greeting Card            
  Custom Order for Kaliheid 100 Hand Stitched Wedding CD Envelopes Custom Wedding Reception Envelopes

  Gluten Free Scone Recipe           
   Altered Journal and Vintage Hankie Card