Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Best Handmade Gifts for Women

All of my gift recommendations for women this year are handmade.
Eco-Friendly is my mission so the gifts I chose had to be:
♥ a sustainable item I would love to have
♥ an item I would want to give another woman in my life
♥ timeless and stylish
♥ available online
♥ customizable
Ready? Set? ... let’s have some fun.
                                                               Note Card
                     Sunflower note card by Delecto Art  (I have all her artwork)
Pin cushion, Primitive Pin cushion, pincushion, pin keep, pinkeep, needle holder 
Flower shaped primitive pincushion by Country Cents

                                                         Microwave Cooking Bag (I love these)
                                                                     Microwave Baked Potato Cooking  Bag Autumn Sunflowers
by Kallies Cotton 
Home Decor

Blue Decoupaged Wooden Bird
Wood Decopauge Bird by Femmesleigh (I glued a clothespin on the back to hold pictures)

                                      Wood Pen in Cross Style (Mines a beautiful Green)
                                                                            Celebrity Favorite at the Oscars gifting lounge- Custom Tiger Maple Slimline Cross Style Twist Pen-Custom finished in Pink by Wee Princess
Upcycled Felt Brooch
Beautiful and soft repurposed wool felted flower brooch by Wood Stream Dream

Now for the really amazing savings you can find on Markets of Sunshine, handmade and eco-friendly gifts all in one great collection!  You can mix and match the items to fit your occasion.

Each month they have a new theme that is all occasion so you can use them as the need arrives.  For women on the go and women in the know, this is the place to shop for all your gift giving needs in 2013!

Each item is handmade which means you can request the color or size you need by contacting each seller on the Marketplace section of their website.

If you are looking for real savings, then join their buyers club and receive exclusive discounts in their newsletter each month.  Once you are a customer of the Gifts of Sunshine, gift bag collection you will also receive free gifts throughout the year in their referral program.  It's a win/win for everyone!

So, what do you think?  Are you inspired?  What is your favorite?  Keep in touch with me on my Facebook fan page too!

Sending You Sunshine,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Markets Of Sunshine: Markets of Sunshine Blog Contest with Country Cent...

Markets Of Sunshine: Markets of Sunshine Blog Contest with Country Cent...:                           Weekly Blog Newsletter from Markets of Sunshine! Featured vendor this week is Joanna from Country Cents!  Learn...

Friday, April 19, 2013


Entering contests is always a lot of fun, but few win the prizes.  In this great contest from Product Marketing Breakthrough, there are 5 prizes and even a consultation prize to all those who do not win.

Here are the questions that I have to answer and tell the world, or at least those that read my blog, so here goes.

#1 - What type of business do you have, what is your business name and URL and where are you at with your business right now?

Markets of Sunshine is a two-fold business.  First, it gives consumers the opportunity to buy handmade products at a discount when they sign up for our newsletter or join our 'buying' club.  Second, it gives the small business owner, working from home, the opportunity to market their products as a group when they join Markets of Sunshine's promotion' club.  Full size handmade products are sold in a gift collection each month from the website, as a way to promote the seller's products.
The web address is,
We are at a pivotal place with the business.  For the last three years, we have done extensive marketing and advertising in magazines, on blogs, free classified sites, websites and in 2013 we even became involved in Celebrity events in order to find customer's in our niche market.  We are getting closer to reaching our target market, but there are still areas that need a professional to help guide us in the right direction to open doors and bring in a steady flow of customer's.

#2 - How will lifetime membership in Product Marketing Breakthrough change your business?

Running a successful business takes a lot of hard work, time, energy and determination.  It also takes a lot of money, which we don't have.  Winning a free lifetime membership in PMB would open doors for Markets of Sunshine and it's members.

Based on what the program outlines, ("it is designed to help the creative entrepreneurs who have a product line.  It covers all aspects of marketing your product line, including social media, online and offline marketing, wholesale and retail sales, publicity and website traffic and sales")  the only logical outcome is a change for the better.

Having the opportunity to work with someone like Andreea, that is only dedicated to helping others succeed in their business would be a dream come true. 

#3 - Where do you see your business 3 years from now?

Based on the current growth of Markets of Sunshine and where it currently is at, there will always be continual positive changes taking place.  Providing eco-friendly products to the consumer will always be the core of Markets of Sunshine.  Having our products offered on TV and in stores is where I see my business in the next three years.


The indiExhibit to Represent Independent Artists, Designers and Creatives at the Buzzfest 30 Concert | PRLog

The indiExhibit to Represent Independent Artists, Designers and Creatives at the Buzzfest 30 Concert | PRLog

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flash Sale! Markets of Sunshine

If you've ever seen Good Morning America's Show Steals and Deals, where you can buy items for a great deal, then you'll want to join me tonight on Facebook!!!

Everyone is getting in on the band wagon and offering incredible deals at a steal of a price!  They call them Flash Sales on Facebook!  It also reminds me of those days when I was a kid shopping with my Mom at K-Mart and they'd have a 'blue light special'!  The light would start flashing and a siren would go off and the announcer would come on and say, over in our bedding department we are offering a great deal on.......I'm sure you know what I'm talking about if you have ever shopped there.

Grab this Hot Deal at 8 p.m to 9 p.m. est!!!

5 piece car theme gift set! Unheard of steal of only $20!!!

Hand towel with a gold embroidered car
Tree sachet with fragrant balsam
Sparkling prism with silk thread to hang in your car
Classic car theme journal and note card set

Put the word: SOLD! in the comments on our facebook page and I'll send you an invoice after the sale ends tonight!

One shopper will receive a mystery gift with their purchase!!! Who will it be?!!!!

See you soon at: Look for the featured post with the car theme items!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Markets of Sunshine in the News!

Markets of Sunshine is my eco-friendly business that hosts a variety of seller's of handmade and direct sales products.  This year we have a host of events scheduled. Our latest one is coming up April 20, 2013 in Texas, Buzz Fest!  We find that many Celebrities appreciate eco-friendly products too!

  You'll find the products we gifted to them on the Weekly Specials page of my website.  Get your free sample today!  Our new spring gift basket collection is now for sale!  Get one of our great gift collections before they are sold out!  Limited quantities available.

I was also featured on Nerd Wallet for being one of the top 10 Eco-Conscious Businesses on the web!  You'll find the article on the home page of my website!  If you love giveaways, check out my weekly blog posts here, Markets of Sunshine Blog!

Markets Of Sunshine: Contest with Kallie's Cotton

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Markets Of Sunshine: Win an Apple Appliqued Address Book from Jeanpatch...

Markets Of Sunshine: Win an Apple Appliqued Address Book from Jeanpatch...: Vendor Special: For the next six weeks you can join the Markets of Sunshine for free!  No set-up fee or membership fee!  for more details ...