Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured Artist- Reflections of Kayla

Tell us a bit about yourself- My name is Kayla Jaramillo and I live in Deltona, FL and have all my life! I live at home with my parents and cousin. I have a Siamese cat and a Yorkie that is a spoiled pup!

Hand drawn note cards!

 What is your favorite note card set?
 I'd have to say the ones with animals on them! I am a huge animal lover and could just be content living near a zoo or ocean!

What is your favorite color?
 I am a fan of neutral color combinations. Black and white, brown and cream, gray and silver you get the idea!  Then I accessorize with splashes of color with my jewelry also handmade by yours truly!

What inspires you?   It might be something from a magazine, or something I see while out shopping. 

Where do your ideas come from?
 I'd have to say  concerning my  note cards from vintage books and magazines and for my Jewelry from jewelry shows, jewelry magazines and custom orders from customer's.  They see something I'm wearing like a bracelet and want me to make one for them with certain charms or colors. Also, I like to get together with a friend and her and I come up with fun combinations for necklaces and bracelets from jewelry shows we've attended!

What are your favorite materials?
 Hemp, ribbon, leather and metals!

Why should people buy handmade??
 It's the best compliment you can give an artist!  It's telling them "Your work is awesome" and I'd love to own it and pay you for your time and creativity!

What's your favorite movie and actor?
 I think Jerry Lewis would be my top pick and then Jimmy Stewart.  My favorite movie by Jerry Lewis is "The Disorderly Orderly"!  And, by Jimmy Stewart "Rear Window"! but I love all their movies without a doubt!

Where can folks find your work?
 Simple, go to  and click on Sunshine Market or

Are you offering my reader's any specials?
 Anyone who mentions this article in the comments to seller can use coupon code: Blog15 for 15% off their entire order!
Please stop by Kayla's shop and let her know you saw her here on my blog!

Blessings to you this day,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday New Arrivals

It's the last week of July and here is yet another Thrifty Tuesday Item.  These are really fun and oh! so useful. You gotta have one and one for a friend.

Rice Packs: Muscle Therapy and Hot Pad and Cup Warmers

There are so many uses for rice packs.  These are so easy to make and give you so much in return.  First, let me describe the wonderful uses for my Muscle Therapy packs.  Not only can you heat them in the microwave for soothing warm heat you can chill them out in the freezer for refreshing relief to swollen places as well.

Two ways to use one item. Now that's Thrifty!  I've added a little twist to mine from the regular way these are made.  I decided to make them sustainable by making a removable and refillable cotton bag that goes inside the outer bag.

This serves a lot of purposes. One, if you ever get the rice wet, game over, moldy, smelly rice results and you have to throw the whole bag away. Not, with my cool newfangled design.  If it gets wet, you just open the bag dump out the wet rice and dry the bag and refill with new fresh rice.

The fun doesn't end there!  Then I got to thinking about what else these are good for and it came to me!  These are perfect for placing a hot pot on or warming up your coffee or tea cup. Tada!

So, you can also pick up two of my cool scented hot pads or tea/coffee cup warmers. Some even come in gift sets with a cup! Made in fun cotton fabric that are pretty and functional.

Visit my Jeanpatchbymk shop today and see all the great selection.

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Have a pleasant week!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday Item and More!

Hello Dear Friends,

This week I have two "Thrifty Tuesday" items for you and to give. They are something useful and fun in the kitchen or bath!  All you caners are going to love them!!  They will make a Mom's life simpler too!  Drum Roll.......................................

Here they are ready for your product testing and testimonial reviews.  I'd like those who purchase them to come back and write a product review on this post!  I think that will be a fun way for others to know how well they work for little chores in the kitchen!

New Item.......Kitchen Drying Mats!........Good for drying canning jars bottles.........crystal..........tea cups............china...............pots and pans to big for the dish washer...............and so much more!!!!

Share your ways of using them here too for others to try!!!

Front and back views!
These are extra large to fit all your drying items on with ease!  You'll be able to use your hand towels to actually dry your hands on and these to dry your dishes and other chores on!!!!
Available in the country theme above with fruit or flowers or these other themes......................
Geometric shapes
and in these great color themes..............
Country Blue
Country Red

The second item are my fun gift sets in cute themes!!!!

You'll find them in my shop too!  Go see what I have hidden in the little fabric candy kiss bundles!!!
They come in different colors and themes. Great for party favors or shower gifts and more!

And always available at Jeanpatchbymk!!!  Find them in fun theme sets too!  Make great party favors or gift ideas!  Have a special occasion coming up?  Then add these to your list and check off another thing done!!! I welcome custom orders!

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Blessings to you all,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Tutorials and Patterns

Hello Lovely Jeanpatch Members,

I am so excited to offer you a great deal on my tutorials and patterns and recipes and more!  Oh My!  What fun you are going to have getting something for FREE each month.

What you need to do is go to sign-up as a member of the Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op! Right on the home page click join and fill out the info and then put in the comments box "Newsletter" with your email you want used for member only news!

Then, just wait to receive your members only newsletter each month filled with fun recipes, projects, tutorials and patterns all for free!  That's just my way of saying "Thanks" for supporting our site of hard working women who support their families from home!

We are offering a great deal for all vendors who join us in our Country Cents General Store! Starting on August 1st you can now have a spot for only $5 a month plus paypal fees.  Isn't that a great deal?  I know I'm excited about sharing this with you all.  So, if you know someone who makes things from home just give them our link and sign up for our affiliate program and give them your affiliate link to earn cash back on their purchases!

All this can be found at Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op!  Hurray on over today!!!

Have a Great Day!


Friday, July 1, 2011

July Contest, June Contest Winner and More!!!

Happy July Everyone!  I hope you all had a nice June in your part of the country!  We started off hot and dry with wild fires burning out of control!  Then, for the last week we have been getting our usual afternoon thunder storms and that has been so refreshing and improved the air quality.

Now, you can see green lawns bursting out all over the place and my garden is even coming back from the grave from all that smoke! Yippie!  My rose bush had dropped all it's leaves after days of smoke, but now after a week of daily downpours it is full of new green leaves and buds on every stem!

Contest News for June!

We had 14 entries in the June contest and this morning I used to pick the winning number. It was #14 Uniquelyyours shop on etsy! Congrats to you, Lori!  She won a $25 gift collection from my Jeanpatch shop! Yay!

Contest News for July!

This is going to be a fun contest and I hope you all will play.  It's a Pie puzzle contest! 
For every purchase you make you get a puzzle piece with a prize on it. Here's what I mean. When you make a purchase from my shop's Jeanpatch or Vintage 50's Treasures and Reflections of Kayla each item will have a puzzle piece assigned to that item with the prize you will win written on the back of the puzzle piece.
When you get four puzzle pieces in the month of July from the 1st to the 31st, you will get a bonus gift for putting all the "Pie shaped puzzle" together!**********************
The bonus gift will come from my Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op members shops!  Check out the members shops in the Sunshine Market section of my website at Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op!

***********************Prize Amounts******************************
One puzzle piece $5 dollar prize
Two puzzle pieces $10 dollar prize
Three puzzle pieces $15 dollar prize
Four puzzle pieces $20 dollar prize, plus suprise bonus gift!

You can collect a puzzle piece from each of the three shops mentioned above.
1. Jeanpatchbymk
2. Vintage50streasures
3. Reflectionsofkayla

I hope we have lots of winner's this month!
Sending you floating balloon's to get the party started!
Happy Shopping!

Marsha & Kayla