Monday, February 28, 2011

Marching Into Spring SFGC Give-a-way Contest!

Marching into spring is the theme of our contest for March on the Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op. It's fun, easy and everyone wins! Starting March 1st til the end of the month you have to do three things to win a prize. Here they are:

#1- Become a follower of this blog

#2- Join my Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op newsletter

#3- Register on my website to buy or sell

All very easy to do. Now, if you've already done one or all then here is what you'll need to do to win.

#1- Sign the guest book on the website telling us what is your favorite thing about the website. It can be a shop, a product, the design etc...

#2- "Like" my facebook Jeanpatch page.!/pages/Jeanpatchbymk/458667005531

Now, for the fun stuff you'll win. You'll win a free Tupperware product valued up to $20.00. It could be a tumbler, bowl, plate, storage container or other great product, just for doing the above. Mark it on your calendar so you don't forget to enter.

You will need to send me your name and address to
to receive your gift.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farm Girl Plowing Through Menopause

Terms of Endearment

The Curse-When a girl becomes a woman
The Change-Turn in Your Maxi-Pad for a Note-Pad
The Golden Years-Life After Menopause

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this Menopause business.  First off, why in the world do they call the body changing into the ability to bring life into the world "the curse"?  In my opinion it is death that should be called "the curse".  Which by the way in the bible, death is called our "enemy".

So, from my list above I've made a few changes. The so called curse, I call a blessing and a gift from God.  Because, it usually means you're going to find a wonderful man to settle down with and start your own family.  What God calls "gifts".

Now, on to menopause and all that it has cracked up to be.  I think the term "cracked-up" is putting it mildly.  And, my saying you'll be turning in your maxi-pad for a note pad is a heads up.  You're going along fine, you've had your family and you've settled into raising the children, seeing them go out into the world, learning to drive, getting a job and having fun with their friends...You finally get to do your own thing around the house and yard...Then start forgetting simple little daily tasks...You put a pot on the stove and go into another room to finish a project...and you completely forget you where cooking until the pot is boiling over and you hear the popping noise from the burner.

Then, every afternoon you have to take a nap, no if, ands or buts about it.  Just to sleep through the night the a/c has to be set for Arctic temperatures.  And, it seems like you spend all your time going to the bathroom.  

So, my word for menopause is "Wonder Woman"!  Cause half the time you are wondering around trying to figure out what in the world you were just doing!  The one thing I haven't forgotten is to eat.  I seem to be hungry all the time. But, does my body pay me back by gaining weight? No, it just stays the same little ole me!  I've been jipped I tell you Jipped!!!! 

Okay, I feel better  now that I got that off my mind! 

I wanted to welcome the newest followers and thank you for spending time with me each day!

I'm going to be adding some "how to's" for those of us who are still Internet and computer challenged.  I just learned how to make your own "pdf" file so you can share patterns and projects with others on your blog.  Now, once I figure out how to put them on the side bar with a picture that you just click on and then pops up the instructions, I'll share it with you.

I follow the blog called Prairie Flower Farm.  They seem to know how to do these things and I left a comment on helping me out.  So, if I don't hear back from them soon, I'll look for someone else's expertise. 

It is so frustrating not know how to do these simple things that would make your blog so much more interesting.  If any of you know how to do that please email me the instructions.

Blessings in your day,

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Affiliate Program Available to all Co-op Members

I'm a proud member of the Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op.  The cool thing about my co-op is that you don't have to live on a farm to be a member.  I started the co-op to bring women together from all over the U.S. that are working hard to keep their families afloat during these tough times.

They have local co-op's for all kinds of things, but how many do you find that you can be a part of that supports women from all over the U.S.?  Being a member of my co-op means you have the good Samaritan spirit of helping out those in need.  When you shop from the members you'll know you are helping someone who is helping others just like you are.

You also get discounts and freebies for shopping with the co-op.  You have the opportunity to do many more things as well and one of the most exciting is our new "Affiliate program" that is now open for all members to take advantage of.

For 2011 I want to grow the membership by 25 new vendors and 25 new shopping members a month.  In order to do that I need your help.  So, pop on over to the website and sign up today, it's free!  And, then find out what we are offering you as an affiliate member.

If you're not a member yet, it's easy to join. Just register on the website and sign-up for our newsletter.  You'll have instant access to shopping and so much more!  I hope you'll help spread the word about the hottest growing trend in the country.  Neighbors helping neighbors, one family at a time the farmgirl way!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Come See What's New at the Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op

I've been waiting so patiently, while pacing the floor this week waiting to be able to announce the big surprise at my new website.  Come on over and take a look and see what's new.  You're gonna be amazed and impressed like I was with how fast Joanna made my dreams a reality for farmgirls at heart!

Then shout it from the rooftops to all your friends so they can come and join and be a part of this fun place to shop! 

Just click on this link and you'll get to see:

I look forward to hearing what you think, so comment here, please!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Play and Learn

Bible Trivia Answers:
#1 Joshua 6:1-27 They obeyed God by marching around the city.
#2 Joshua 24:15 "...we shall serve Jehoavah."
#3 Numbers 13: 8, 16 Hoshea and Jehoshua
#4 Jehovah

How did you do with your answers?  Let's play some more. Now for today's Bible trivia I want you to think about how man's life spans has shortened since Adam and why that is.
#1 Name the three oldest living humans on record. 
#2 When did the life span of man drastically start to grow smaller?
#3 What women where privileged to be ancestresses of Jesus?
#4 What does the name Joshua mean?

#1- Jared Gen. 5:18, Noah Gen. 9:29, Methuselah Gen. 5:27
#2- After the flood
#3- Rahab Matt. 1:5, Ruth, Bathsheba Matt. 1:6, Mary Matt. 1:16
#4- Jehovah is Salvation

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learn Bible Trivia the Fun and Easy Way!

I love to read the Bible every day.  It not only keeps me closer to God, but it helps me keep a positive attitude.  I thought it would be fun to help you learn fun facts from the Bible that you can meditate on and see how you can apply it in your life.

The most important thing this will do for you is help you to see just what a wonderful and carrying God we have.  And, how people for 1000's of years have been serving the one true God, Jehovah!

With your answers give the chapter and verse.

Facts about Joshua, you'll find all the answers in that book. 
#1- How did Joshua and his army bring down the walls of Jericho?
#2- Complete Joshua's statement: "As for me and my household..."
#3- Joshua had been known by what other names?
#4- What is the English translation for YAWH?

Check back tomorrow and see if your answers are correct and match mine.  I'll give you the chapter and verse as to where the answer is found.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jeanpatchbymk Give-a-way contest on Facebook

I'm hosting a give-a-way contest on my facebook fan page for February.  To enter go to this link:!/pages/Jeanpatchbymk/458667005531

"Like" the page and leave a comment on which item is your favorite.  At the end of the month I'll draw a name to win a Watkins Natural product valued at $10.00!!!

My goal for 2011 is to get 100 fans on my facebook page!  I'm at 42 at present so not far to go.  Will you be a dear and help me get there?!

If you havn't tried Watkins great products now you're chance to win one!  All entries will receive a sample product!  Email me your name and address to

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op Membership Drive 2011

Are you a member of the Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op?  If not, you're missing out on lots of fun and bargains for you and the family.  We are having a 2011 membership drive to grow our membership.  You can help.  It's free to join as a buying member and you get perks in our "Buyers Program".

****Help us reach our target of 100 members by summer and 200 by December!  We have 26 members at present.  Sign up for the newsletter on our home page at:

Or, you can join as a shop member and pay a low monthly fee for a ton of benefits.  Here are just of few of the ones you'll get for joining to sell your product.

*List as many items in as many categories as you like.

offer your item in different colors, sizes, sets and so forth

*Accept coupons

*Offer Discounts on certain items or all

*Put an item on sale

*Free newsletter

If you want more information email me and I'll send you the full scoop on how to join.

A Healthy Diet A Day Will Help You Chase The Dogs Away!!!!

You've heard the saying: "An apple a day will keep the doctor away!"  Well, now we've come up with a new one for our cat, Bubbles.  "Eating an organic diet a day, will help you chase the doggies away!" 
We have a fenced in back yard so that any unleashed dogs can not get in our yard and kill the cat.  Well, someone left the gate opened today and a dog got in the yard.  Bubbles said, we'll have none of that in my yard buddy! 
It was a true Kodak moment.  My daughter looked out the back window at the exact moment a boxer came in the yard and exclaimed: "Oh, my goodness Mom, there's a big dog in the back yard and Bubbles is out there.  Then, the next thing she says, Bubbles just chased the dog out of the yard!"
  She fluffed up and must have hissed or something to cause it to run away. ROFL  A few seconds later,  she came moseying back in the yard, still fluffed, purring!

So who says an organic diet won't improve your pets health?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Secret Compartment Altered Book

When you're living with a chronic illness like Lyme disease in my case, you need a hobby to keep your mind off yourself.  I'm always open to new craft projects that I can accomplish mostly on my own.  The art of taking an old book and turning it into a work of art is so rewarding.  But, in my case I had to have help from my DH in order to get the job done right.

Your spouse should be someone who is there to lend a helping hand when you need it and ask for their help.  Mine is wonderful at making things turn out just the way I invision them, so we have a wonderful happy marriage.

He did all the cutting and I did all the embellishing.  Tada! Here is the first of my secret compartment books.  They are for sale for only $20.00 and for the month of February includes shipping.

If you join my farmgirl co-op you'll get in on my special offer of buy one get one free. Go to and join the newsletter and use the contact button and let me know you are joining. 

 It's  free, so you have nothing to loose but everything to gain.  You'll be joining a great group of wonderful sharing women who work out of their homes helping to support their families in these hard times.

The book I used is from 1930's and has a rust/deep orange cover.  Measures 7x5x 1 3/4 $20.00

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living With Lyme-Before and After, Compare!

If you've been living with Lyme for years now and have gotten past the first initial shock of it all, then you will understand why this exercise I'm about to tell you is so important.  First, off let me say that my first 3 years with the illness put me into post traumatic stress syndrome.  Yes! all that I had been through with this horrible illness made me afraid of so many things we do everyday.

I couldn't even tell people what happened to me without having an anxiety attack and shaking all over from the stress of talking about it.  Thankfully, that has past and I can begin to look at it objectively to help myself and hopefully help others too.

First, do an inventory of your illnesses before the Lyme and then do a list of the ones after and all the symptoms you have.  Make two columns with Before/After at the top.  Now, the reason why this is important is you need to keep this with you on your person and show it to any new doctor's you visit.

For, me the list is so long I can't possible remember it all and just trying to starts to stress me out.  My Mother did this and the doctor's thank her because all they have to do is copy it and skip all those questions and paper work. 

At my last medical appointment I had to fill out a 5 page questionnaire and by the time I got to page 5 they threw in math problems.  Well, that was too much for my poor little brain and I couldn't answer the rest of the page.  The doctor reviewed the pages and filled in the blanks and when he got to page 5 and the unanswered questions, he asked why I didn't finish and after I told him he smiled and said, no problem.

Then he proceeded to review my medical history and had somehow missed the Lyme.  When he asked was there anything else, I said: Yes! the Lyme.  He looked at me puzzled and I said slowly, Lyme Disease.  His eyes widened and he said, with all that you already have I'm surprised your still alive!  I said, Thanks! and we laughed.

Now, I can laugh about it and that is a good thing.  The more you can start to laugh again and really feel it and mean it the better off you'll be. 

Next,  see if any of the illnesses you had before Lyme are better or worse.  The ones that are better you can now rejoice over.  The ones that are worse those are the ones to concentrate on to make better.  This is my before/after list. Hold on to your seat, cause it's a wild ride!!!

Before: Asthma- mild RX
              GERD -mild under control but frequent heartburn RX
              Migraines -Lived on Ibuprofen
              Low Blood Sugar-diet controlled
              Low Blood Pressure
              Allergic Rhinitis-Mild RX
              Poor Circulation

After: Asthma-mild with Homeopathic remedies as treatment-(No RX drugs)
           GERD-mild diet controlled (no more RX drugs)
            Migraines-gone with aid of Neuro Science products (Pain medicine free)
            Low Blood Sugar-diet controlled
            Low Blood Pressure-improved
            Allergies- Severe Homeopathic remedies- (have to wear mask outside)
            Lyme Disease
            Chemical Sensitivity disorder-homeopathic remedies
            Poor Circulation-Due to Lyme right arm and leg reduced, tests showed PAD type condition
            Celiac Disease
            Chronic Fatigue
            Liver Damage
            Bile Duct Damage
            Memory Loss
            Sleep Disturbance
            Lack of Concentration
            Heart Damaged Valves
            Hypothyroid-weight loss
            Adrenal Exhaustion

This too shall pass!  Keep the faith and hope in a better future to come under God's kingdom. Blessings to you all!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living With Lyme-Forewarned and Forearmed

Being forewarned is being forearmed.  If you are living with Lyme disease you need to know what sets it off.  Most of what sets off the Lyme is learned by those with Lyme and they pass along their experiences for others to be aware of these factors and use the information to help themselves out of a possible setback.

These things may not effect all Lyme suffers but it behooves us to know about them and act with caution.  Basically, any invasion to the body will trigger a Lyme attack.  Going to the dentist. Having an MRI test are just some of the procedures that will set off a Lyme attack in some patients.  If you are needing to have surgery you definitely need to be prepared for the aftermath and to expect some bizarre thing to happen to you.

What are some of these things?  Well, Lyme is like an auto-immune disorder.  It will attack your body anywhere it thinks you are vulnerable.  It could be your thyroid, heart, lungs, digestive tract.  All of which I have experienced with my Lyme.

I'll give you my personal experiences to give you an idea of what this bacteria can do to you.  My last post told you about my experience after having several MRI and a stress test done.  In 2007 I had deep cleaning done on my teeth and the bacteria attacked my thyroid and heart.

In 2008 I was in a car accident, the bacteria attacked my digestive tract and I went from 126 pounds to 110 pounds over the next 12 months.  It took my doctor all of 2010 to get my body to calm down and start gaining weight back. I'm now at 115 pounds.  In this attack  my digestive tract was damaged so badly that it left me with Celiacs disease and cancer in the small intestine.  Which, I must have already been genetically disposed to but the Lyme brought it on out.  I'm also left with a permanent injury to my left rotator cuff.

My advise is don't jump into any procedure without first talking to your doctor and preparing your mind and your body for the aftermath of it all.   Keep a positive outlook on life and keep smiling!  Do things like a kid again. Explore areas of life in your creative side. It is the best therapy money can buy.