Monday, November 28, 2011

Goal for 2012!

                                        I'm already thinking of my goals for 2012, are you?  Just being able to keep a measure of health is my first goal. One that will allow me to maintain joy in my life!  Doing the things you love is what gives you joy.  Keeping in mind that God always comes first, then family and friends in that order and finally life pursuits.

                                        So, my goal for 2012 as far as life pursuits go is to make a new item for my shop, Jeanpatch by MK on Etsy each day.  So that is 365 new items by the end of 2012! Now that is some goal, right!  Get ready for a fun and productive year with me here in Sunny, Florida!  

                                        I could use some help with my main supply that I will be using. If you have any vintage hankies with a design, it can be flowers, animals, hearts or the fringe type lace or crochet edges, then please donate them to my cause!  You will be helping me reach my goal and keep my sanity while I am stuck indoors living with Lyme disease.

                                      **** Taking donations for my 2012 goal of vintage hankies in good clean condition. No plain white ones, but the pretty ones!  Please leave a message for me at and put "offering hankie donation" in the subject line and I will give you my mailing address.*****

                                    I will post a daily picture of my progress of each new item.

Thank you for your help in advance!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Sale Specials for Reflections of Kayla's Shop!

We are offering more great deals in my daughter's Etsy shop Reflections of Kayla!

These specials good November and December!

 Buy one pair of earrings get the second pair at half price!!!!

Buy one ring get the second ring at half price.

All necklaces are 1/2 price!

Buy one note card set get the second set at 1/2 price! Sets only!!

Just contact me and I will reserve your listing and adjust the price

Big Sale Deals For You!!!

Take advantage of these sales this month in my Jeanpatch by Mk shop on Etsy!  

November 18th- Buy one snack mat and get the second one at half price!

November 19th- Buy one travel craft organizer,  get the second one at half price!

November 20th - Buy one premade photo album, get the second one at half price!

November 21st- Buy one drawstring bag and get the second one at half price!

November 22nd- Buy one address book and get the second one at half price!

November 23rd - Buy one crochet Wristlet and get the second one free!

November 24th - Buy two (2) Rice pack beverage warmer and get the second one free!

November 25th - The Big Black Friday Deal!!!! Will be announced on November 24th here on my Blog and in my shop, so be sure to check in on Thursday for the Big Blow-out Black Friday Deals!!!!