Etsy Treasures Artist Shout Outs!

Here is where you'll find some of the best shops on Etsy!  I'm going to give you a review of all the shops I've purchased from that are eco-friendly,  Farm Girls or part of the Farm Girl team!

  Bohemian Farmgirl on Etsy.  This is the cutest little pincushion. It's useful and decorative at the same time.  Very sturdy, no open seams.  Fast shipping too!  I wouldn't change a thing!
                                                                           Neda Originals - You'll find a variety of handmade items in Anita's shop.  I just love adding to my pincushion collection.  So here is another cute pincushion that I bought from her shop.
  The fabric is very sturdy cotton.  The flowers and beads are sewn on very carefully.  She really puts a lot of time and attention in to her work.  The shipping is super fast.  She also includes a cute set of magnets made from vintage ties!  Shops that go that extra mile are tops in my book!

Here we go with yet a third pincushion!  This time we'll visit Melanie's Originals part of the Farm Girl Etsy Team better known as Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op! This little pincushion is perfect for fall.  It has the work of a keen eye.  The extra little touches of thread and button center make this as cute as a bug!  She wraps it so pretty and it comes in a flash!