Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilt Collection, You Can Never Have Too Many Quilts!

Quilting is an Art form in itself. Crafts came natural to me when I was growing up.  Art class was my time to see things through my own eyes. 
 I wanted to share my handmade quilts with you and ask that you share yours with me.  This one I made for my husband two years ago, called the drunkards path, but I call it my garden path.

This one I really think is my favorite. It is my vintage hankie quilt.  I took vintage hankies and attached them to cotton fabric and then hand embroidered each one around the edges and then added some fun knots to the center of the flowers.  This was a labor of love!  I use it as a lap quilt on those few winter days we get here in sunny Florida.  This one I made in 2008.

 Here is my crazy quilt made in 2009, I sewed some on the machine and some by hand.  I love to sit in front of a good movie and sew to my hearts content.  And, last but not the least my very first sampler quilt it was started in 2001.  It is all done by hand so that is why it took me until 2007 to finish.  That and getting Lyme disease in 2005 kinda interrupted my life for a few years.

The one thing I have learned through my fight with a number of illnesses cancer being one of them is that you may be stuck in your home for the most part, but you are never shut out from the world.  And, that is so true with me and my situation.  I found a way to reach out from my shut-in situation and found a way to keep from being shut out from the rest of the world.  I brought the world to me.

You can see some of my quilt crafts and other handmade items in my Jeanpatch by MK shop on Etsy too.  You'll also find some more handmade fabric items and one that is quilted in my Eco-Gift Sampler Bag.  Available for purchase on my website, Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you today!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shabby Lane Shops - Recycling Repurposing 04/26 by Shabby Lane Shops | Blog Talk Radio

Shabby Lane Shops - Recycling Repurposing 04/26 by Shabby Lane Shops | Blog Talk Radio

Come join me today as I speak about how to recycle items around the house and how to join my website, the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op! Starts at noon est!  See ya then!

Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Recycled Magnets into Cute Photos and More!

Here is another great do-it-yourself project I came up with this weekend.  I save the magnets that come on the front of our local phone book to hold important papers and recipes on the side of our refrigerator.  I knew one day I'd figure out what else they would be good for.  I am entering this project in the Green Craft Showcase. 

Well, I was looking for a great way to advertise my Etsy vintage and collectibles shop.  I didn't want to spend more than my budget would allow, so I started the creative juices thinking and it hit me.  A magnet with my business card on it, but what could I use.  Then, I remembered the collection of magnets I had in the kitchen.

I got one down and measured it and it is the same width as my business card.  So, I just copied it on the printer using regular printer paper.  Cut it out and using a UHU glue stick attached it to the front of the magnet. I then centered it on the magnet.  I had space left at the top and bottom so I decided to cut stripes of cotton fabric from scraps I have on hand.

I could still see through to what was on there through the fabric so I added a second layer.  That did the job. I also added two layers of fabric to the bottom.  Here are the finished results. You can see the top picture is holding a recipe on my frig.  You could do the same with a family picture or one of your pet etc...just use your imagination.  Now I have a pretty magnet of my own to send one of my customers.

Green Crafts Showcase
Spring Cleaning With Jeanpatch by MK

This is your roaming reporter Sunshine from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op website.  Last week we did a fun Recipe Swap Give-a-way Contest!  Here is the results and the winner is.......Kalliescotton!!! Congrats!!!

I have a song playing in the background, 'Happy Trails'.....can you hear the clipaty-clop of the horses hoofs as he trots along the brick road?!!  He stops and let's his rider off at our spotlight members shop of the week, Jeanpatchbymk!!!  

Her shop offers a cute variety of sustainable handmade goods.  One of her popular items are her crochet flower cleaning cloths.  Available in a variety of fun colors and made with cotton yarn.  

Jeanpatch is offering one of our reader's the chance to win one of these spring cleaning cloths this week in our 'Spring Cleaning Give-a-way Contest'!!!

Here's how to enter:

1. Follow this blog
2. Favorite her Jeanpatch shop on Etsy - 2 entries
3. Share this post on your Facebook page - 3 entries
4. Leave a comment here saying what you did so we can verify - 4 entries

Earn extra entries by:
5. Join the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op website as a 'buyer club' member - 5 entries
6. Buy a Eco-Gift Sampler Bag - 6 entries
7. Leave a comment saying you did the extras so we can verify - 7 entries 

I hope that has put everyone in the mood to do some spring cleaning!!  The fun doesn't stop there....join us at our online craft show on Etsy. you can see Jeanpatch and some of her team members displaying their handmade products, vintage collectibles and craft supplies all this week.

Check in with us next week to see who will be in the spotlight next.  You won't be disappointed.

Thank you from all the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Etsy team members!!!

Happy Trails,


Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Blanket or Adult Lap Blanket Green and Ivory with Purple Border - $40.00

My newest addition to my Thrifty Tuesday section. Add a splash of color to your decorating with this summer or fall Baby blanket or Adult lap blanket, lovingly handmade from my own pattern in Hunter green and soft ivory with a periwinkle purple border.

Do you need to freshen up your living room couch or favorite chair? This would be the perfect addition to any room for a fresh new look. It will be ...

Click Here to Visit My Etsy Shop!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: MONEY SAVING RECIPE SWAP & GIVEAWAY!: SNOWFLAKE: Welcome to another week of fun here on the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op blog. Let's check in with our roaming reporter and see wh...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: FIDDLE BELLE PLAYS A SWEET TUNE!!!

Sunshine Farmgirl Coop: FIDDLE BELLE PLAYS A SWEET TUNE!!!: FIDDLE BELLE PLAYS A SWEET TUNE!!! SNOWFLAKE: Good day to you one and all. We are so glad you are here with us this fine day in April. ...