Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Farmgirl Tupperware For Sale or Barter

Coffee mugs and matching plates

Rolling pin and pastry sheet

Oval Modular Mates Set



pop-cycle maker

cake takers

Party Serving Trio

Cake Taker-sold

sold-cake taker

Ham Taker

Cake Takers and Cupcake/Pie Takers

Deviled Egg holder

Modular Mates
2 left 2 sold

Cheese holder

Please make me an offer or just pay for shipping and barter for what you want.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tupperware for Barter and For Sale!

lunmeat keeper sold and one food scoop in blue.

pickle keeper sold

New green stuffables container top right. One and two quart pitchers, flour sifter, vintage grater, tumblers, pickle/olive keeper, lunchmeat/cheese container, and scoops.

Ihave a huge supply of used and new Tupperware that I will barter and sell. I will take reasonable offers that will cover the shipping cost. I will barter for vintage fabrics, feedsacks, barkcloth, buttons, anything to do with sewing and scrapbooking. Teacups or vintage linens. If anyone crochets, I'd love some small flowers made in various colors from cotton yarn.

I need to clean out my cabinets and get rid of the clutter. These are great for going green. Reusable. Use these anywhere in your home, not just in the kitchen. Outside too! Gardening supplies, etc...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sustainable Products for Your Home and Beyond

I've dedicated this post to sharing my handiwork of sustainable products for your home and beyond. I call it my "Gift It Forwad" line.
We all want to save money and cut back on everyday expenses for our home and every aspect of our life. Let's start in the kitchen, stop buying paper towels and napkins and replace them with my crochet dish cloths. You can also recycle old cotton white socks for wiping the counters with. Keep a bucket in your laundry room for just these and at the end of the day toss them in the bucket. At the end of the week wash them with the towels in hot water.

For dusting the floors try my crochet floor dusters that replace buying those sheets for the name brands..sw...and know the ones I mean. My floor dusters can be used over and over and you wash them and hang them to dry. I make them out of cotton yarn. They pick up more than just dust. The amount of hair and dirt you will see will amaze you. Just wipe off with an old tooth brush and use over again until it needs washing.

Want to save the landfills? Stop getting paper or plastic at the stores. Bring one of my vintage tote bags with you instead. These can be used over and over again. They are big and sturdy! Buy several and you can keep them in your car in a small plastic reusable container. And use this same container to put them in when you have finished shopping to keep them upright.

Replace all of your chemical cleaning products with organic safe earth friendly ones. I use Shaklee and Fuller Brush. I also like Seventh Generation. I don't like the smell of vinegar and am allergic to many essential oils so I've found the products I use clean great and are concentrated and one bottle will last 6 months or longer. Go to use login id#0920150. You can email for Shaklee ordering information.

For the Bedroom, change your sheets to organic from MaryJane'sFarm. I have several sets and love the difference to my skin and my nose.

In the Bathroom, buy handmade organic all natural soaps from Mom's trying to feed their families like me. I love the ones I found on Etsy's website. Try the ones with goat's milk. They smell so good and make the skin soft and not irritated.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooking & Cleaning Tips

Learn how to make meals that cost .75 a person. Brown Bag your lunch and save over $500up a year from left overs and plan ahead meals. I offer cooking and cleaning classes with organic foods and cleansers. I will teach you how to make your own dairy products, easy yeast free breads,and gluten free baking tips. How to store your foods safely and how to use non-toxic cleaners to clean your home. If you have allergies of any kind and want to get the chemicals out of your life and home then this class is for you. It will change your life.
An organic magazine with fun tips on how to convert over to non-toxic living cheap and easy. The magazine is sold for $6.99 found on my website The cost of the class all I ask is you buy something on my etsy shop. Please email me for more detail. I look forward to helping you do a life makeover soon.
Classes Offered:
1.Learn to make your own bread easy and affordable.
2.Soft dairy products are easy to make at home. Learn how to make Neufchatel (like cream cheese, made mostly with milk rather than cream),and sour cream. Understand the differences between various types of milk and cultures. Making these and other dairy products at home takes very little time and offers superb results.
3. Gluten-Free Baking Recipes notes with recipes and sources for quality ingredients, useful equipment, and more information. Most are hands on--aprons provided Plus much more. ,br>
4.Budget Meal Planning: Make your family meals for .75cent or less per person. Learn how to buy in bulk and save. Learn recipes that show you how to save money on your food bill.
5. Cut cost on cleaning supplies and use earth friendly products that cost pennies to use and are safe for you and your family.
6. Make your own jams and preserves.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Farmgirl's Co-op Group Get Your Discount at my Etsy Store!

Here are my custom cards and photo books. I will make special orders in the colors and themes you would like.

This is one of my acrylic post cards. Just put in envelope and mail.

To the far right is a card for any occassion for 5 years of something special.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My latest Creations!

Visit my etsy shop to buy
one of my lovely creations at

This is a lovely vintage
feedsack tote bag for
those "going green" to
save on their wallet and
help save the plantet.

To the right is a vintage
barkcloth tote bag.

The bottom right is my
vintage hankie embroidered gift bag, that can be framed and
displayed anywhere you choose.

I love sewing and crafting with vintage fabrics and hankies. I came up with an exciting idea for the hankies that I hope will become a huge success and I can start to sell my lovely handmade items from my etsy shop. Here is a sample of my vintage creations!

July 2009 The Kitty has lost her winter coat!

Our indoor/outdoor kitty has had a good brushing and now feels 5 pounds lighter! She is a beautifully tempered cat that loves to chase bugs and squirels around the back yard, but never kills anything! She has pride in that too! Her and our squirels that visit the bird feeder come nose to nose and run all over the yard, the squirel is always in the lead! Those of us watching through the glass sliding door are rolling in laughter with tears running down our face watching the whole routine. Our Yorkie and the squirels is another story!

Transforming our jungle into a landscaped yard!