Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Green-Save Green Handmade Just For You

Artwork by Kayla embellishes this farm style drawstring bag!

Premade fabric covered album Love theme!

Vintage Hankie premade album makes a lovely gift!

Tell the ones you care about how special they are to you by giving them something handmade right here in the U.S.A.!  All my items are sustainable so you save money buying my products!
Welcome to Jeanpatch!

You'll find a variety of simple country shabby chic inspired items......All my products are "sustainable" and perfect for the "going green-save green" lifestyle......So, put on your Apron...and red Ruby your heels three times and browse as you head over the Rainbow.....Country Style......and fill your cart to your hearts content!********************************
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Scripture of the Day!

Matthew 6:9, 10- "Our Father in the heavens, let you name be sanctified. Let you kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
Do you know this prayer that Jesus taught his followers to pray for?  Have you ever taken it bit by bit and really thought about what you are asking for?  What does it mean to let God's name by sanctified?  It means to let his name be known throughout all the earth. Do you know what God's name is?  Few Bibles still have the divine name in it. You will find it over 7,000 times in the Bible.  It is not a name to hide from it is a name to use if we are to be saved.
Psalms 83:18, "That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth."
 Exodus 6:2, 3 - "And God went on to speak to Moses and to say to him: "I am Jehovah"....these are the most common places to find it still in some Bible versions.
Next, we pray for God's kingdom to come and his will to be done here on the earth as it is in heaven.  What did that kingdom do in heaven that it will soon do to the earth?  The answer is found in Revelation 12:7-9 "And war broke out in heaven: Michael (Jesus) and his angels battled with the dragon (Satan), and the dragon and its angels battled but it did not prevail, neither was place found for them any longer in heaven. So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the on called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth;
Soon there will be a war here on the earth that Jesus will also be leader of and he will cleans the earth of Satan and all his followers just as he did in heaven. 
That is a time to be happy about and rejoice!  Do not let the current world condidtions make you down-hearted, instead lift up your head, because all those who call on the name of Jehovah will be saved! Romans 10:13 "For everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved."
There is more to being saved then just calling on God's name. To find out what that is, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to discuss it further!

Blessings to you,

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