Monday, November 28, 2011

Goal for 2012!

                                        I'm already thinking of my goals for 2012, are you?  Just being able to keep a measure of health is my first goal. One that will allow me to maintain joy in my life!  Doing the things you love is what gives you joy.  Keeping in mind that God always comes first, then family and friends in that order and finally life pursuits.

                                        So, my goal for 2012 as far as life pursuits go is to make a new item for my shop, Jeanpatch by MK on Etsy each day.  So that is 365 new items by the end of 2012! Now that is some goal, right!  Get ready for a fun and productive year with me here in Sunny, Florida!  

                                        I could use some help with my main supply that I will be using. If you have any vintage hankies with a design, it can be flowers, animals, hearts or the fringe type lace or crochet edges, then please donate them to my cause!  You will be helping me reach my goal and keep my sanity while I am stuck indoors living with Lyme disease.

                                      **** Taking donations for my 2012 goal of vintage hankies in good clean condition. No plain white ones, but the pretty ones!  Please leave a message for me at and put "offering hankie donation" in the subject line and I will give you my mailing address.*****

                                    I will post a daily picture of my progress of each new item.

Thank you for your help in advance!



Constitution Girl said...

those are some high goals, Mrs. J. :D Two of my goals are to be strictly dairy, sugar and gluten free (I have been gluten free for three years and sugar free for one and a half, but I have yet to go dairy free. I've been noticing that I get a reaction to dairy lately so I'm going to kick it. *sigh*)

Second, I'm going to read ten chapters daily of the Bible. I read the Bible through in four months using this method (some days more than ten, sure), but in 2012 I'm going to read the Bible at least three times through. This year I've only gotten through once, and now I'm in Mark (my second time through). We'll see how it goes. ;)

Oh, and I hope to get my Etsy shop a little boosting business by advertising my custom pet sculptures in pet shops and other pet-related places. Yeah. Soon. *ties string on finger*


Marjean said...

Thank you Dolly for sharing your goal with us!

I think that is a wonderful goal for anyone. But, especially for young ones in this day and time.

I too am reading 7 chapters a day! Keep up the good work. You will be a better person from doing it and if you apply what you read.

Meditate on each part that stands out to you that would be helpful in your life.

Reading the Bible is the best thing we could do with our time, but if we don't meditate on it and let it mold us into what is pleasing to God, it is of no value!

Dolly Madison said...

Amen and amen! :)