Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Sampler Bag Full of Handmade Gifts and More!

Today is Blog posting day for the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Team!  Happy Thursday!!!

I'm going to share a preview with you today of a new and exciting program we are launching in January 2013 on our website.  You may be familiar with us or you may not be, yet!  I hope after reading this post that you will be curious enough to head on over and check us out.

There are not very many people who can be thought of in today's handmade market that truly are giving a helping hand at no cost to others.  I'm speaking of a great website called Mary Jane's Farm forum.  It is a free forum where you can barter, swap, sell anything.  Plus, you can share your ups and downs of family life and business life and someone will listen and have a word of encouragement or excitement in return.

I've been to several other Mom forums and Mary Jane's Farm is the only one that I have had success on.  Why?  Because, it is a group of like minded women who truly care about other women.  I'm not saying that the other forum's don't have women who truly care about other women.  But, that for me personally I have not found the same warm and caring environment elsewhere.

That is until I started my own website based on that kind of warm and caring attitude.  You can really make friends with the women who are a part of my website, just like I did on Mary Jane's website.   I hold weekly classes in our private Facebook group where we share marketing strategies, promotion ideas and a word of support along the way.

We work together as a team, not against each other behind someone's back.  This is a real gift if you can find it in yourself to give for the good of the group. If this is you, then we'd like to invite you to share your gift with us.

At the present time we are promoting our (click here>>>>>) Eco-Gift Sampler Bag.  It is filled with 14 wonderful handmade gifts and direct sells samples.  All in one cute bundle for just shipping and handling! 

In Our Handmade Gift Sampler bag there are two direct sells products.  One is from Watkins Naturals and the other is from Thirty-One Gifts.  You'll have to buy a bag to find out what the other 12 full size handmade gifts are.  I can promise you that you won't be disappointed.

I promised you a preview of our new program coming in January 2013.  Here is a picture of one of the seller's item.  See if you can figure out what it might be about from the picture.

 I'll give you another clue in November and in December I'll make the big announcement.  And, give you a sneak peak at other seller's products from my website that are participating in this new and exciting adventure with me.

Don't forget to visit our website and pick up you Eco-Gift Sampler Bag today! 

Have a Sunshine Day!




Carolyn said...

Great blog Marsha.
I love my altered book that I bought at your shop and I am looking forward to your gift of the month item.


kallies cotton said...

the blog looks good.