Saturday, December 22, 2012

Etsy Farmgirl Team Wins Etsy Team Spirit Award for 2012!

I am jumping for joy today!!!  Why?  Because my humble ltitle team on Etsy of only 40 members managed to make it on the top 10 list of Etsy teams that show just how much their team means to them!!!  As Captain of the team and Owner of the co-op I have been blessed with a wonderful group of woman who give me 100% of their support for all the activities we plan and undertake.

It is no small feat to accomplish what we did in 2012.  Take a look for yourself!

DID YOU KNOW.........Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Won!!!! 

DID YOU KNOW.........Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op advertises as a group with the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag? 
DID YOU KNOW.......Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op published their first book in 2012?
 DID YOU KNOW.....Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op won the Etsy Fellowship Award? 
 DID YOU KNOW......Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op won the Etsy Team Spirit Award for 2012? Now you do!!! 
Want to be a part of our group?  You can!  Join us in 2013 and be a part of our great cooperative group. Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op

Here is what we have coming up in 2013:

*  Celebrity Swag Bag Events
*  Publish our 2nd book
*  5 Eco-Gift Sampler Bags
*  Teacher Gifts
*  Car Care Gifts
*  Gift of the Month Club

Turn your hobby in to an income with us!  What are you waiting for, sign-up today!!!

Congrats! to these team members:

Country Cents
CJW Design Village
Kallie's Cotton
DLA Bead Design
Creative Designs
Creative Craft Supply
Sunshine Sister's
Delecto Art
Wood Stream Dream
Wood Stream Papery
Pages of Ages
Dala Designed
Printed Words of Wisdom
Sharon's Candle Shop
Peace O Cake
The Garden Garage
Murray Designs
Sweet Ties Hair Ties
Quilted With Prayer
Forest Pure
RT Styles
Michelle Rose Boutique
Wee Princess
Idemas Gifts
Carla's Creative Corner
Biscotti Queeen
Eastwood Designs NH
Jeanpatch by MK
Femmes Leigh
Printed Bible Games
Fractek Designs 

Sending you Best Wishes!!!

Marsha Jaramillo


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