Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 42: Do One Thing Less

Day 42: Do One Thing Less- Less is more in this case. Get in the habit of doing one less thing each day. Purposely remove one item from your to-do list. Train yourself to accept that your world will not crumble if you don't achieve all you've set out to do.

Discover that life can be full, and can even feel complete, when some things go undone. Make a list of all the really important things that need to be done that week. Then break them down into a day by day list.  Like paying a bill or going to an appointment should be first on the list. Start with today, make it a one less thing to do day. You'll feel so much better getting all those things off your mind when you know it's already been decided you'll do it another day.

Day 41: Do Not Be Afraid of Bad News- This one came home to haunt me this week. My daughter went on a trip with a family friend and came home to tell me, guess what, they've invited me to move in with them, and pay no rent. Just do my spiritual activities and work a little part time job.  Of course, when she told me that she wasn't thinking what it was going to do to me emotionally.  She tells me everything so she didn't want to hide it from me just get it right out in the open. And, at 20 years old you don't think maybe this should wait until tomorrow, not right before bedtime.

But, I stopped and said a silent prayer and listened to the rest of her news about the trip.  And, the next day I thought really hard why my friend did what she did.  Her daughter moved out of the house and came to live with us, her Aunt.  It hurt her very much that her own daughter wanted to leave home and move in with her Aunt.  So, she was hurt and wanted to hurt someone else, even a friend.  Knowing her personality is like that I mulled the whole thing over and realized why she did it and now I'm not worried.

I told my daughter you are 20 years old now and need to spread your wings and learn a few lessons in life.  So time will tell what road she will travel and learn from her mistakes.  So, thank goodness I had just read that scripture and was able to remember it and put it into practice in my life.

That's why reading the Bible daily is so important, cause you never know what will happen and how you'll need the comfort of a particular scripture for the holy spirit to help you recall.

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