Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 44-Find A Role Model

Day 44- Find A Role Model- In today's world there are lots of books about the life and times of famous people who made their mark on the world.  But, did they really do something that changed the world for the better that lasted?  Sadly, the answer is no. 

There is one person that did change the world for the better that lasted until our day and that was Jesus Christ.  He was the greatest man who ever lived.  He is the perfect role model for us all. Young or old, man or women we can all learn something positive from the example he left when on earth.

Why not read the Bible books starting with Matthew through John and see for yourself all that he did while here on earth and what his main reason was for coming to the earth was.  It will help you keep a positive attitude and reduce stress knowing that very soon all the wonderful miracles he performed back then will be done on a world-wide scale in the near future.

Day 43- Transform Your Mind- Adapting the thinking found in the scriptures has helped me in my life since I was a child many decades ago.  Thought I was going to tell you how old I am.  Not that I'm age conscious, I'll just say I was born in the 60's, how's that? hehe!!
I can remember as far back to when I was six years old and learning all the books of the bible in order.  We were constantly using the Bible at our Christian meetings so I quickly learned where all the books were by age eight.

We also have a ministry school at our Christian meetings and I joined that at eight years old and gave my first 5 minute part with an assistant.  We had a topic and had to look up the scriptures that supported that topic and explain it to someone.  That has helped me in our door to door ministry as well.

If all households had this kind of training the world would be a much different place. Instead of focusing on material things in life we focus on the spiritual things. Thus, I belong to a world-wide brother and sisterhood of over 7 million people world-wide that love one another just as Jesus taught us to do if we wanted to be one of his disciples.

That is a bond that can not be broken and a unity that crosses race, color and country. We apply Isaiah 2: 2-4 we truly love one another and have learned war no more.

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