Sunday, December 4, 2011

Four Down and 361 To Go!

Here is one of my new items we will be adding to the shop on January 1, 2012!  It is a wooden box painted with non-toxic paint. A pretty vintage style ribbon has been added around the box and on the lid a layer of 3 vintage buttons!

The four new items I made with vintage hankies are going to be revealed on January 1st. So, be sure to stay tuned so you can be the first to see them!  They are turning out just stunning and oh, so unique!

I am having so much fun embellishing them with pretty vintage buttons and ribbon.  If I could just figure out how to keep from stabbing my fingers with the needle when I am attaching them would be helpful.

I'm thinking of using my leather thimbles. I only have one so I'll need to use my coupon and go buy a second one soon!  

The one thing I can tell you about them is that they appeal to all age groups. My niece and daughter who are in their early 20's love them and my Mom who is in her late 60's does too!  So, I think I have something that everyone would love to get as a gift or have for themself.

I am making them so that they are collector's items, something you would want to display not through away or toss in a drawer.  They will fit perfectly in a 5x7 frame!  I can see them now displayed on a wall in one of those collage frames!  Ooh! So pretty!!!

I can see them displayed on a ribbon and used as garland for a garden party or wedding!  Hey, that gives me an idea!  I'll make  some into garland for parties!!  Woohoo!!  I just love it when I come up with something fun and exciting!

Post and tell me your thoughts about my pretty gift box!

Have a Great Day!

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