Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Tea Month and DIY Chalkboard Paint!

Hello Wonderful Friends,
  Did you hear? It's national tea month!  I received the nicest magazine called Tea Time and it is just full of wonderful recipes and news about tea time fun.  If you like tea parties as much as I do or just relaxing with a cup of tea anytime during the day then you'll love this magazine too!

Give-a-way today only!  If you'd like to win a "Tea Party by Mail" goodie basket filled with handmade gifts from the Sunshine Farm Girl co-op team, then come on over to this link, shop and you'll be entered to win a huge basket full of goodies all with a tea time theme.  Includes a tea cup and teas!  It will be filled with goodies like this!  (for reference only)

Eco-Friendly Craft Project:

I am sharing some fun eco-friendly craft projects on my co-op blog.  Have you been over to check them out?  I found this wonderful site all about doing "green crafts".....since I am always looking for non-toxic and diy projects that are safe for me to do.

I found one recently for making your own chalkboard paint!  There is one company in Canada that makes a non-toxic chalkboard paint, but a little bottle is just a couple of dollars, but I thought how long will that last me!  So, here is a recipe that you can try and let us know how you like it.  I haven't made it yet but as soon as I do you'll be hearing about the results.

Supplies:  non-voc paint (my recommendation) found at Lowe's and non-sanded tile grout

Mix in a glass jar with lid.  1/4 cup paint and 1 tablespoon grout mix well.  Paint it on any surface, let dry and then prime the surface with chalk going in a horizontal motion and then vertical.  Erase and you are ready to go!

My Latest Shop Items:  I saw this great idea on another farm girl blog altering pocket calendars.  I took it a step up turning them into inspirational logs. Enjoy!  found in my Jeanpatch by MK shop!

 Hope to see you all there soon!  You can shop until 10 p.m. eastern time!

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