Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Want Great Green Products?

It is so nice to finally find a great company that makes safe products for the whole family.  It was a happy day when I found out about Chartreuse Products from a fellow farm girl.

They are a new company, only been around a few short years, but wow! have they made an impact on thousands of families already!

Using safe organic products is a must at my house.  I've used Shaklee products for years and am still very happy with them.  But, only a few of there household cleaning products are organic.  I wanted more of a variety and I wanted to expand my options into other areas of our life.

Anything and everything I put on or in my body has to be organic, free of pesticides and harmful other stuff.  Chartreuse offers a wide variety of products for the whole house and body.  And, it's not just for women.  Men and children have their own great products to choose from as well.

I hope you will visit my website and try some of these great products for your family!

Go green with Chartreuse and me! Click here......Go Green!

              Choose from organic makeup, body wash and household products and cleaners.

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Marjean said...

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