Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Recycled Magnets into Cute Photos and More!

Here is another great do-it-yourself project I came up with this weekend.  I save the magnets that come on the front of our local phone book to hold important papers and recipes on the side of our refrigerator.  I knew one day I'd figure out what else they would be good for.  I am entering this project in the Green Craft Showcase. 

Well, I was looking for a great way to advertise my Etsy vintage and collectibles shop.  I didn't want to spend more than my budget would allow, so I started the creative juices thinking and it hit me.  A magnet with my business card on it, but what could I use.  Then, I remembered the collection of magnets I had in the kitchen.

I got one down and measured it and it is the same width as my business card.  So, I just copied it on the printer using regular printer paper.  Cut it out and using a UHU glue stick attached it to the front of the magnet. I then centered it on the magnet.  I had space left at the top and bottom so I decided to cut stripes of cotton fabric from scraps I have on hand.

I could still see through to what was on there through the fabric so I added a second layer.  That did the job. I also added two layers of fabric to the bottom.  Here are the finished results. You can see the top picture is holding a recipe on my frig.  You could do the same with a family picture or one of your pet etc...just use your imagination.  Now I have a pretty magnet of my own to send one of my customers.

Green Crafts Showcase


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bonniegetchell said...

Hey!! I absolutely love this idea-- it's super similar to the post I put up last week on how I recycled my ugly magnets! I love that you used your business card though.. one of your clients will love this!
Anyway.. thanks so much for entering this into the Green Crafts Showcase! I'll be posting the top 10 features this Friday so I hope you'll check back! :)

-Bonnie @ Crafting a Green World

Marsha said...

Wahoo! Thanks so much for commenting, it really makes my day.

Thanks Bonnie, I was so honored and excited to see I made it on the top 10 list!