Thursday, April 10, 2014

Inspiring Travel Destinations In Florida: Blue Springs State Park

            Blue Springs State Park - Orange City, Florida
I've lived in Florida for the last 51 years, okay, I was born and raised here.  My family dates back to the Mayflower and not too long after landing they headed straight for Florida.  I guess they liked things peaceful and quiet.
I've visited a few springs here in Florida and plan to visit a few more in the future.  Here is a short list of the ones I have been to:
  • Rock Springs also known as Kelly Springs
  • Blue Springs
  • Wekiwa Springs
  • Silver Springs
  • Cedar Key Scrub
  • Collier-Seminole
  • Deleon Springs
  • Hontoon Island
If you like the outdoors and the water then you'll love our springs.  The water is cold and clear.  Not all of the springs can boast they have an attraction as Blue Springs does in the winter months, Manatees!
Canoes lined up on the bank of the water.                  

Along with swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving you can also rent canoes.  Beware, there are Alligator's in all of Florida's water holes, not just fish and manatees.  They won't bother you as long as you don't bother them.  For more information about this park visit this site Florida State Parks.
Florida has 161 state parks and 10 state trials.
Bring your fishing gear along, swim suits, sun screen, ray-bans and a picnic lunch and you'll be all set to visit any of these great parks in Central Florida!


Natalia Khon said...

Sounds like you have many great places to visit there! Maybe one day... I am very interested now :) Love the parks!

2justByou said...

That second photos is awesome! I visited Florida on a family vacation long ago. We went to Disneyworld, though, not many state parks and such. Looks beautiful!

katiecupcakes said...

Awesome! I've been to Florida a few times visiting family and for Disney, but never the places you mentioned. They sound nice. :)

Holly said...

Looks really beautiful! I've never been but after seeing these pictures Florida is definitely on my list, now!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Nice! I miss living in Florida, but not during the summer.