Friday, July 24, 2009

Tupperware for Barter and For Sale!

lunmeat keeper sold and one food scoop in blue.

pickle keeper sold

New green stuffables container top right. One and two quart pitchers, flour sifter, vintage grater, tumblers, pickle/olive keeper, lunchmeat/cheese container, and scoops.

Ihave a huge supply of used and new Tupperware that I will barter and sell. I will take reasonable offers that will cover the shipping cost. I will barter for vintage fabrics, feedsacks, barkcloth, buttons, anything to do with sewing and scrapbooking. Teacups or vintage linens. If anyone crochets, I'd love some small flowers made in various colors from cotton yarn.

I need to clean out my cabinets and get rid of the clutter. These are great for going green. Reusable. Use these anywhere in your home, not just in the kitchen. Outside too! Gardening supplies, etc...

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