Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooking & Cleaning Tips

Learn how to make meals that cost .75 a person. Brown Bag your lunch and save over $500up a year from left overs and plan ahead meals. I offer cooking and cleaning classes with organic foods and cleansers. I will teach you how to make your own dairy products, easy yeast free breads,and gluten free baking tips. How to store your foods safely and how to use non-toxic cleaners to clean your home. If you have allergies of any kind and want to get the chemicals out of your life and home then this class is for you. It will change your life.
An organic magazine with fun tips on how to convert over to non-toxic living cheap and easy. The magazine is sold for $6.99 found on my website The cost of the class all I ask is you buy something on my etsy shop. Please email me for more detail. I look forward to helping you do a life makeover soon.
Classes Offered:
1.Learn to make your own bread easy and affordable.
2.Soft dairy products are easy to make at home. Learn how to make Neufchatel (like cream cheese, made mostly with milk rather than cream),and sour cream. Understand the differences between various types of milk and cultures. Making these and other dairy products at home takes very little time and offers superb results.
3. Gluten-Free Baking Recipes notes with recipes and sources for quality ingredients, useful equipment, and more information. Most are hands on--aprons provided Plus much more. ,br>
4.Budget Meal Planning: Make your family meals for .75cent or less per person. Learn how to buy in bulk and save. Learn recipes that show you how to save money on your food bill.
5. Cut cost on cleaning supplies and use earth friendly products that cost pennies to use and are safe for you and your family.
6. Make your own jams and preserves.

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