Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sustainable Products for Your Home and Beyond

I've dedicated this post to sharing my handiwork of sustainable products for your home and beyond. I call it my "Gift It Forwad" line.
We all want to save money and cut back on everyday expenses for our home and every aspect of our life. Let's start in the kitchen, stop buying paper towels and napkins and replace them with my crochet dish cloths. You can also recycle old cotton white socks for wiping the counters with. Keep a bucket in your laundry room for just these and at the end of the day toss them in the bucket. At the end of the week wash them with the towels in hot water.

For dusting the floors try my crochet floor dusters that replace buying those sheets for the name brands..sw...and know the ones I mean. My floor dusters can be used over and over and you wash them and hang them to dry. I make them out of cotton yarn. They pick up more than just dust. The amount of hair and dirt you will see will amaze you. Just wipe off with an old tooth brush and use over again until it needs washing.

Want to save the landfills? Stop getting paper or plastic at the stores. Bring one of my vintage tote bags with you instead. These can be used over and over again. They are big and sturdy! Buy several and you can keep them in your car in a small plastic reusable container. And use this same container to put them in when you have finished shopping to keep them upright.

Replace all of your chemical cleaning products with organic safe earth friendly ones. I use Shaklee and Fuller Brush. I also like Seventh Generation. I don't like the smell of vinegar and am allergic to many essential oils so I've found the products I use clean great and are concentrated and one bottle will last 6 months or longer. Go to use login id#0920150. You can email for Shaklee ordering information.

For the Bedroom, change your sheets to organic from MaryJane'sFarm. I have several sets and love the difference to my skin and my nose.

In the Bathroom, buy handmade organic all natural soaps from Mom's trying to feed their families like me. I love the ones I found on Etsy's website. Try the ones with goat's milk. They smell so good and make the skin soft and not irritated.

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