Friday, July 1, 2011

July Contest, June Contest Winner and More!!!

Happy July Everyone!  I hope you all had a nice June in your part of the country!  We started off hot and dry with wild fires burning out of control!  Then, for the last week we have been getting our usual afternoon thunder storms and that has been so refreshing and improved the air quality.

Now, you can see green lawns bursting out all over the place and my garden is even coming back from the grave from all that smoke! Yippie!  My rose bush had dropped all it's leaves after days of smoke, but now after a week of daily downpours it is full of new green leaves and buds on every stem!

Contest News for June!

We had 14 entries in the June contest and this morning I used to pick the winning number. It was #14 Uniquelyyours shop on etsy! Congrats to you, Lori!  She won a $25 gift collection from my Jeanpatch shop! Yay!

Contest News for July!

This is going to be a fun contest and I hope you all will play.  It's a Pie puzzle contest! 
For every purchase you make you get a puzzle piece with a prize on it. Here's what I mean. When you make a purchase from my shop's Jeanpatch or Vintage 50's Treasures and Reflections of Kayla each item will have a puzzle piece assigned to that item with the prize you will win written on the back of the puzzle piece.
When you get four puzzle pieces in the month of July from the 1st to the 31st, you will get a bonus gift for putting all the "Pie shaped puzzle" together!**********************
The bonus gift will come from my Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op members shops!  Check out the members shops in the Sunshine Market section of my website at Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op!

***********************Prize Amounts******************************
One puzzle piece $5 dollar prize
Two puzzle pieces $10 dollar prize
Three puzzle pieces $15 dollar prize
Four puzzle pieces $20 dollar prize, plus suprise bonus gift!

You can collect a puzzle piece from each of the three shops mentioned above.
1. Jeanpatchbymk
2. Vintage50streasures
3. Reflectionsofkayla

I hope we have lots of winner's this month!
Sending you floating balloon's to get the party started!
Happy Shopping!

Marsha & Kayla

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