Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday New Arrivals

It's the last week of July and here is yet another Thrifty Tuesday Item.  These are really fun and oh! so useful. You gotta have one and one for a friend.

Rice Packs: Muscle Therapy and Hot Pad and Cup Warmers

There are so many uses for rice packs.  These are so easy to make and give you so much in return.  First, let me describe the wonderful uses for my Muscle Therapy packs.  Not only can you heat them in the microwave for soothing warm heat you can chill them out in the freezer for refreshing relief to swollen places as well.

Two ways to use one item. Now that's Thrifty!  I've added a little twist to mine from the regular way these are made.  I decided to make them sustainable by making a removable and refillable cotton bag that goes inside the outer bag.

This serves a lot of purposes. One, if you ever get the rice wet, game over, moldy, smelly rice results and you have to throw the whole bag away. Not, with my cool newfangled design.  If it gets wet, you just open the bag dump out the wet rice and dry the bag and refill with new fresh rice.

The fun doesn't end there!  Then I got to thinking about what else these are good for and it came to me!  These are perfect for placing a hot pot on or warming up your coffee or tea cup. Tada!

So, you can also pick up two of my cool scented hot pads or tea/coffee cup warmers. Some even come in gift sets with a cup! Made in fun cotton fabric that are pretty and functional.

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Have a pleasant week!


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