Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured Artist- Reflections of Kayla

Tell us a bit about yourself- My name is Kayla Jaramillo and I live in Deltona, FL and have all my life! I live at home with my parents and cousin. I have a Siamese cat and a Yorkie that is a spoiled pup!

Hand drawn note cards!

 What is your favorite note card set?
 I'd have to say the ones with animals on them! I am a huge animal lover and could just be content living near a zoo or ocean!

What is your favorite color?
 I am a fan of neutral color combinations. Black and white, brown and cream, gray and silver you get the idea!  Then I accessorize with splashes of color with my jewelry also handmade by yours truly!

What inspires you?   It might be something from a magazine, or something I see while out shopping. 

Where do your ideas come from?
 I'd have to say  concerning my  note cards from vintage books and magazines and for my Jewelry from jewelry shows, jewelry magazines and custom orders from customer's.  They see something I'm wearing like a bracelet and want me to make one for them with certain charms or colors. Also, I like to get together with a friend and her and I come up with fun combinations for necklaces and bracelets from jewelry shows we've attended!

What are your favorite materials?
 Hemp, ribbon, leather and metals!

Why should people buy handmade??
 It's the best compliment you can give an artist!  It's telling them "Your work is awesome" and I'd love to own it and pay you for your time and creativity!

What's your favorite movie and actor?
 I think Jerry Lewis would be my top pick and then Jimmy Stewart.  My favorite movie by Jerry Lewis is "The Disorderly Orderly"!  And, by Jimmy Stewart "Rear Window"! but I love all their movies without a doubt!

Where can folks find your work?
 Simple, go to  and click on Sunshine Market or

Are you offering my reader's any specials?
 Anyone who mentions this article in the comments to seller can use coupon code: Blog15 for 15% off their entire order!
Please stop by Kayla's shop and let her know you saw her here on my blog!

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