Saturday, March 31, 2012

24 Hour Sale Every Saturday and Sunday Night!

I'm launching my 24 hour sale this weekend and it will continue every weekend until all the clearance items are sold out!  We have a great bunch of shops in our Etsy team and I want to help them be a success.  Please leave a comment once you have visited our event!

Here is the link to this weekends event: SFGCTEAM 50% off Treasury 

Three shops are participating:

1. Jeanpatch by MK
2. Reflections of Kayla
3. Vintage 50s Treasures

1 comment:

Marjean said...

The four items that are on sale at Reflections of Kayla are available during our Scavenger hunt game this week.

Read the post above this one for details on how to play!!