Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Marvelous World of Mod Podge

It is late afternoon and Wednesday, March 14, 2012.  What was supposed to be a gut wrenching trip to the dentist wound up being a bust.  My dear daughter is very ill and thus our plans were canceled.  Well, since I hadn't put anything else into my day other than coming home to recover after being under the drill,  I decided to look into a craft project I've wanted to do for some time now.   

Mod Podge!  If you haven't discovered this handy dandy glue for crafting and decoupaging you are missing out big time.  In my stroll through google land I discovered an absolutely adorable site that I just have to share with you and get your feedback on.  Now, I know I ask you from time to time to share your thoughts with me and I think since I've been writing this blog if a sum total of 12 have left comments that was a good year!!!  LOL

Her site was on the list of my search for using mod podge on a composition book cover.  It is called: Joy's  I fell immediately under her spell.  The reason being is that my blog for my webstie, Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op is patterned after a reporter style of blogging.  I have wanted to jazz it up but just didn't know in what way until I meet Joy's Life today.

Now, I'll give you the link under one condition, that you take a look then come back here and tell me what you think I should incorporate in to my co-op blog.  First, you'll have to go to my co-op blog and take a look, read the posts and then go to Joy's and then leave your comments.  

Here we go.....first stop.......Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op.........follow along and then head on over to your second stop.  If you really want to make my day leave a comment on your favorite post.

Second, visit Joy's and take a good look at her style of the blog.  

Finally, come back here and leave a comment telling me what you think would jazz up my website blog.  Sound good?  I hope so for my sake....!!!!  This is a test of the Jeanpatch broadcasting system...this is only a test.....leave a comment or your computer will explode!!!!  Only kidding, or am I!!!! hehe!!!!

Your Humble Servant,


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Marjean said...

I'm going to make a cover for a composition book this weekend. I'll post the picture on Monday. Join me in a project using mod podge this weekend.

Leave a comment letting me know you are up to the challenge.