Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Stuff! Free Samples!!! Freebies!!!

It recently came to my attention that you can get free samples of handmade products and only pay for shipping and the listing fee on Etsy the handmade marketplace.  So, that struck a cord near and dear to my heart cause I love getting samples of things that I am interested in trying before I buy a bigger quantity.

That discovery led me down a path of excitement as I contemplated the scope of possibilities this could have for my co-op members.  I always try out my ideas first on my families 3 shops on Etsy before I announce the ideas to the group, but this one I just knew would work so I shared it right away with them.

By now I'm sure you are asking yourself what are your 3 free samples you are offering us?  Well, I'm so glad you asked cause I'm ready and willing to tell you!!!!  Here they are!!!!  Tell me what you think and please by all means get them all so you can come back here and give our reader's your feedback.

In our Vintage 50s Treasures shop we are offering you one free yo-yo with a vintage button embellishment for .50 plus shipping!  Each sample is one per address in the U.S. only!  Next, up is our free sample my Jeanpatch by MK shop!

This freebie is one of my popular items.  Beautiful hand stitched envelopes.  The decorative side is inside and the white is on the outside for writing the name and address clearly.  I take custom orders for parties and weddings.  One of my customer's ordered 100 for wedding favors to put a CD in for each of their guests to have a memento of their wedding!  Pick one up today in my Jeanpatchbymk shop!

The ever versatile bookmark made from vintage book pages!  These are the cutest heart shaped bookmarks!  We take vintage books that we make into secret safe books and save the cut-out pages for other projects.  These make great gifts for avid reader's, teacher's and when you want a novel gift!  Pick up your free sample in our Reflections of Kayla shop!

Be on the lookout for the announcement when the rest of my member's have their freebies ready for you to try.

Happy Savings!

Marsha Jaramillo


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