Friday, September 21, 2012

My Florida Garden Sept 2012

Green as far as the eye can see in my Florida Garden!

These purple and white flowers greet you as you come up the walkway!  The yellow flowers are what is raining down from my Rain Tree!  The bees are humming by the thousands around the flowers on the tree.

How many of you can recognize this plant hanging in the basket?  It is a rare plant and very hard to keep alive unless you put it in an ideal spot and don't move it, ever!  It is a rice cactus!  It gets shade and rain and plenty of morning sun.  I have had this plant for over 20 years!  Isn't that a huge accomplishment!!

I love succulent plants as well.  Before my illness I would get out in the yard daily and tend to my variety of plants.  Now they are pretty much on their own and somehow they still do great!!!  I guess the love God is pouring down on them for me is doing the job better than I could.

This is Kayla's corner!  Two rain trees seeded in the pot so we are waiting for DH to pull them out.  They have super-glue on the roots so it takes a man to uproot them.  The bottom pot is the rest of the succulent variety.  The frilly thin leaf plant is an umbrella plant, these are great for cleaning the air indoors. Then there is a lovely vine type plant that Kayla planted that has the prettiest yellow flowers.  It has over-grown the trellis and that is why it is leaning over.
Behind that on the wall is another vine plant called a filadendron.    And, the ever spreading passion flower vine is in the mix too!

I hope you enjoyed this walk in my garden today.  Please share your garden pictures with us on your blog or Facebook page and leave a comment here so we can take a peek.  I love gardens, don't you!

Have a Green Day!



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