Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Markets of Sunshine in the News!

Markets of Sunshine is my eco-friendly business that hosts a variety of seller's of handmade and direct sales products.  This year we have a host of events scheduled. Our latest one is coming up April 20, 2013 in Texas, Buzz Fest!  We find that many Celebrities appreciate eco-friendly products too!

  You'll find the products we gifted to them on the Weekly Specials page of my website.  Get your free sample today!  Our new spring gift basket collection is now for sale!  Get one of our great gift collections before they are sold out!  Limited quantities available.

I was also featured on Nerd Wallet for being one of the top 10 Eco-Conscious Businesses on the web!  You'll find the article on the home page of my website!  If you love giveaways, check out my weekly blog posts here, Markets of Sunshine Blog!

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