Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Membership Kits

A Big Florida Sunshine Hello,

  I hope my wonderful friends of the Jeanpatch blog are doing well today.  It is a hot and sunny day here in  Florida.  Perfect weather for the beaches and parks.  It's time to introduce you to my Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op membership kit.  It is full of beautiful and fun logo items that you can use to promote our co-op. 
                                           Spread the Sunshine

Here's what comes in each kit.

* Tote bag with SFGC (Sunshine Farm girl co-op) logo
* Promotional postcard (you copy and hand out)
* Membership certificate (with your name and member #)
* SFGC logo stickers ( put on letters and packages)
* SFGC logo sticky notes

If you want to grab your kit just use the donate button to the right side bar and enter SFGCMK in the notes box.  I'll have it shipped out within 3-5 business days.  The donation covers the cost of the kit.  Your donations are greatly appreciated.

I hope you will order your kit today and show off how proud you are to be a part of this special group of women.

                         What's New

I'm working on little crochet tea bag holder's to add to the shop for my next "Thrifty Tuesday" sale item.  They are simple adorable, if I do say so myself.  These tea bag holders will hold 3-4 bags of tea and packets of sweetner.  I include a tea sample in each one with a natural sweetner sample as well.  These will make great gifts.  Keep one in your purse to have that perfect cup of tea anytime, anywhere.

 You have four days left to buy my drawstring bags at the introductory price before they go up on May 17th!

Time to get back to work on these cute little sustainable wonders in time for next weeks debut!

Sending you Sunny Smiles from my house to your house!


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