Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

It's time for "Thrifty Tuesday" a regular addition to my postings.  Every Tuesday I will feature a new item I've added to my shop that is available for sale at an introductory price for that week only.  Then the price will go up, so you won't want to miss out on these fun specials.

So this weeks "thrifty" item is my new drawstring bags.  The price listed will only last this week and then will go up on the 16th.  They are great for so many different uses.  Here is just a list of what I've thought of using them for.
* snack bag              * travel bag                     * sewing bag                   * makeup bag
* teacher's gift         * graduation gift             * party favor                  * lingerie bag

You see how many great ways you can use one?  I make them in a variety of colors and prints so you can purchase as many as you need.  Don't miss out!  The clock is ticking on this low sale price.  APR20 20% off on orders $10 and more (coupon code)
Here's where you can buy: Jeanpatch by Mk 

                                                        GARDEN UPDATE!

These are doing so good in the raised box and are climbing on the fence already.  I just left them all in here because the last time I moved them to the ground they died.  Since they can grow vertically, I'm going to put twine and let the others grow up to the framing overhead.

My Jasmine was in full bloom for the month of April on our dog kennel.  What a wonderful fragrance every time we opened the back door to let the dog and cat in and out of the house.  Now it you notice the white flowers behind the first picture, that is my Gardenia bush.  It is now full of huge white flowers and what a delicious fragrance they give off. 

My neighbors on both sides just love it when they are in bloom.  The wind blows the odor into both of their yards. 

Happy Shopping from my house to your house!


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