Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shilly Shally Sunday

Shilly Shally Sunday-  Just doing a little of this and a little of that today.  Something spiritual and something relaxing and fun with the family in the afternoon.  Kayla is working today so she made the morning meeting with my Mom's congregation.  This was the special talk being given world-wide in over 100,000 congregations.  The title is "Bible Principles-Can They Help Us to Cope With Today's Problems?"

I don't know about you but I know we sure do appreciate hearing what the bible has to say on how to cope with the things going on in our life and around the world.  Knowing that the wisdom from God is far superior to human thinking.  We can't even solve the world hunger problem much less the economic issue.

                                                                   Poll Results

 This was very interesting to me to see what 19 people wanted to see more of on my blog.  Here is the break-down.
  12 voted for more projects
  6    voted for more recipes
  5    voted for more gardening
  3    voted for Bible topics
  1    voted for budget tips

The top 3 requests will be the ones I add more of as well as the other 2 topics.  With that in mind I have the next poll ready for this month to do with the project topic.  Please vote and then we'll see what new direction I will take that in at the end of the month when the final tally is revealed.

                                                            Contest Results

I was very pleased to see that many new followers came to the blog and my co-op, welcome friends!  If you brought in five new people then you need to put their names in the comments section in order to receive your prize.  You have until Friday, May 6 th to do so or you loose out.

                                                             May Contest

 Are you ready for the new contest for May?  It's going to be fun.  It's a baking contest.  Here's how to enter.  Fill out the form below and be added to the list.  You'll be entered to win this cool pair of earrings from Reflections of Kayla shop. One of our co-op members.
 Send your recipe and 1 cookie to us for taste testing by two judges.  The one with the most votes wins. Name will be drawn May 30th.  Contest starts May 1-20 that gives one week for mailing before the testing day.
Enter your website (Etsy, etc...or blog in the url box below)  This will bring traffic to your site from mine.
Follow me**** then follow two above you on the list.

Let the fun begin!


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