Friday, May 6, 2011

Vintage Hankie Quilt Project

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  I haven't been myself this week since over doing it on Wednesday with medical appointments and errands.  I wanted to end the week with a fun project you can do over the weekend.  I love to barter for things I need and want and recently I made a great barter for an Anniversary gift for my dear husband's desk.  A great lamp from a fellow farm girl on Mary Jane's Farm forum.  In return I'm making her a Vintage Hankie Quilt. 

  It just needs the batting and the backing fabric and binding the edges and it will be a completed work of art.  I have to work on it a little each week since I don't have tons of energy anymore.  I think it turned out lovely.  I'll post a picture once I have it completed and ready to send my dear farm girl friend.

  Here is what you'll need to do your own project.  With a sneak peak so you get the idea.

                                             Vintage Hankie Quilt

Supplies List:
1. Cotton fabric 1/2 yardage of 8 different colors and patterns that coordinate
2. cotton batting for twin size
3. vintage hankies in good condition and in different prints about 20
4. vintage buttons to match fabric large size
5. cotton floss different colors to match fabric in lights and darks
6. cotton backing fabric yardage twin size
7. embroidery hoop large

 I folded the hankie in half and then folded the corners down to make a pretty look on this block.
I folded this hankie in a half to make the points the focal point, then appliqued it to the chenille fabric by hand.
I used a combination of hankies and quilt blocks on each fabric block.
4 blocks 17x12 in two prints
4 blocks 14x12 in two prints
4 blocks 12x6 in two prints
4 blocks 10x12 in four prints

That makes four blocks on each row with four rows across and down for a total of 16 blocks.  The first two rows will have all 8 prints used. And the same for the last two rows in different places.
Use one size block on each row in different positions the way you like.
Match up your hankies to the fabric block you choose. 


Start with your first two blocks and sew together vertically. Then the next two for row one.  Attach the four blocks together to complete row one. Now do the same for row two, three and four. 
Once you have the four blocks sewn together for all four rows now sew row one and two together and then add row three and finally row four.  Now, you are ready for the next step, adding the hankies and quilt blocks.
Lay you completed blocks on your table or bed.  Start laying the hankies and quilt blocks on the one it matches up with best.  Play with the design, move them around until you get that perfect combination.  Now, pin each hankie or applique block in place with at least four pins.
Now you're ready to applique them on one by one.
Take your hoop and attach it to the first block and continue moving it to each block until you have them all appliqued.
                                                     Adding the Batting and Backing Fabric

Now take your cotton batting and lay it on top of your quilt and cut it to the right size.  Do the same for your backing fabric.  You should have the backing fabric on the bottom, then lay your batting on top then your finished quilt and pin all three layers together with quilting safety pins.
Cut your binding strips the length of all four sides 1 1/2 inches wide by the length of your quilt.  Pin the first strip right sides together on top of your quilt, sew it on.  Now fold it over and pin it on to the back of the backing fabric and sew it on.  Do the same for the next three sides.  Be careful on the corners making sure you fold the square corner in to make a triangle edge.
These are hand wash only.  Enjoy!  Post your finished project so we all can admire it together.

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