Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday New Item June 14th!

Today is Thrifty Tuesday!  Welcome to all my readers!  Summer heat is upon us and what better way to beat the heat than with my new "stay cool" packs.  You can wear them anywhere on your body you need to cool off fast.

One size fits all too.  Two styles to choose from. My cool backpack or the quilted wrap. Both tie with ribbons.  Both come with their own reuseable ice packs. Instructions included with each style you order.

For this week only you can get them at the cool low price, then next Tuesday the price will go up $2.00.

Pick up one for each member of the family today.  Comes in different color choices for men, women, kids and even your pets!

Did you read about my June contest?  Check out the cool gift you could win just by making a purchase from my Jeanpatch shop.

Follow my on my Facebook fan page too!  When I reach 100 fans, I'll do a drawing for a really cool gift!  I'm at 52 fans now and counting!


I just love everything to do with going green, being eco-friendly, using organic products and eating organic foods instead of those grown with pesticides and harmful stuff that causes cancer.

I'm so excited to tell you I recently joined a fabulous eco-friendly company called "Chartreuse".  They are a young up and coming company based in California.  Be on the lookout for my website information this week. 

You'll be able to sign up for great hostess gifts, learn more about the business opportunity and much more. So stay tuned to this channel.........I fill you in on all the great reasons why you need to use Chartreuse products verses the other brands on the market.

Be different....go green.....use sustainable products......save for your future.

Scripture of the day!
  I am the way and the truth and the life.—John 14:6.

Jesus is “the truth” not only because he always spoke and lived the truth but also because all the prophecies written about the Messiah—scores of them—were fulfilled in him. “No matter how many the promises of God are,” wrote the apostle Paul, “they have become Yes by means of him.” (2 Cor. 1:20) Even “a shadow of the good things to come” contained in the Mosaic Law became a reality in Christ Jesus. (Heb. 10:1; Col. 2:17) Jesus is the focal point on which all prophecies concentrate, and they shed light on his central role in the outworking of Jehovah’s purpose. (Rev. 19:10) To benefit from the fulfillment of what God has purposed for us, we need to follow the Messiah. Jesus is “the life” because he has bought the human race with his lifeblood, and everlasting life is a gift that God gives “by Christ Jesus our Lord.”—Rom. 6:23. w09 5/15

Happy Days!


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What a crafty fun idea- just in time for summer :)

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