Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Time For Thrifty Tuesday!!!!!

Drum Roll, Please!!!!!!!! It's Time For Thrifty Tuesday!!!!

You're gonna love this weeks item I've made for my customer's.  I hope you will get one for each member of the family.  Or, get two for yourself.  Are ya ready?  Tada!!!

Organic Soap Saver Bags!!!!!..........You just add your organic bar of soap or for those of you non-conformist, just whatever bar you are using, but I know you're gonna make the switch real soon to a non-chemical organic one.....hehe!!!!

And, I know just the shop on Etsy where you can buy them and she does custom orders, so if you don't see a scent you like, just ask and she'll make it special just for you.  You'll find out who she is when you visit my shop to buy my soap saver bags!!!  Just head over to Jeanpatch and pick some up today while they are on sale this week only!!!!!

Soap not included!
Available in organic cotton yarn, so you're putting the best of both world's against your skin. You use the bag as your wash cloth and hang it to dry with the soap in it. It prolong's the life of the soap keeping it this way. And, you have your very own personal wash buddy!!!!

I hope to see them fly out the door like my wristlet's have been!!!!  Happy Bathing!!!!!

Blessings to you and your's,


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Rivergirl said...

I have ordered several crocheted soap savers from Mrs. Green Jean (Jeanpath) and I LOVE them. Her soap savers are well constructed and they are a bit roomier than others that I have purchased which is nice because some handmade soaps are larger than others. Mrs. Green Jean gets her custom orders out asap, and her stuff is GREAT. If you haven't purchased soap savers here- you should. You won't be disappointed!