Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Altered Book "Rainbows"

I love working with my hands and creating a work of art out of something old.  They call it upcycled or re-purposed when you take something old that has lost it's usefulness that has now been transformed into a work of art.  Ready for someone to love it and take it home and use it or just display it.

I love to alter books into works of art.  My latest craft passion.  You can take a plain old ordinary journal and turn it into something extraordinary with just some paper and fabric scraps.  I recently went on an interview to a local art museum for the purpose of selling my work in their gift shop.  The one item I had told the appointment setter about was my altered books.  And, wouldn't you know it that was the one thing I didn't bring with me because it is still a work in progress that they were anxious to see.

They liked all my work but said they already had enough artist's work in those areas but didn't have anyone doing altered books.  So you guessed it, that is what I'm working on to take back next month for them to review and if they approve them, I'll be on display for the whole of Central Florida to behold and hopefully buy.

You have to have old books in good condition before you can alter them. So off to the local resale shop I went and what did I find but the most amazing book with a beautiful cover called, "Rainbows" the eighth edition of the 1946 printing.  It is large and has a blue leather feeling cover.  I'm turning the pages into works of art.  Adding a splash of color and texture and bits of this and that until it is transformed in front of my very eyes into a new work of art. 

The book is full of poems from different writers obviously from the early 1900's.  Here is one of those that I tore out of the book. 
"Your Garden- Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind words are the roots, Kind thoughts are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits.  Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds; Fill it with sunshine, Kind words, and good deeds." Unknown

The book was written because of the world conditions at that time.  WWI had ended, but now WWII was haunting the world.  It is a book I'd say bears reading in view of the current world conditions.  It is up building and gives one reason to pause and reflect on your own life and future!


Cathy said...

Hi there, I am a sister from MJF. I was wondering if you rework every page in a book or do you just do random pages. I love books and have some very special old books that came from my grandparent's house. This would be a neat way to pass them on.

Marjean said...

Hi Cathy,
It's really up to you how you want it to turn out. You need to first tear out pages in order to embellish and add color. These things add volume to the book and thickness.
Look for the book called: "Altered book workshop."

cathy said...

Thank you

The Park Wife said...

Marjean, your ole friend The Park Wife here. Check this out, a great idea, I made one for myself this year, I think they would sell if you made them.

Marjean said...

Hi Park's Wife,
I have seen that idea and was going to use some of my daughter's vintage books to start off with. I really like the tutorial on the one you sent me. Thanks!

I was wanting to do custom orders for people and have them send me the vintage book they want as the cover.

Marjean said...

I'm getting the finishing touches put on the secret compartment book. I'll share it here when it's done.

RED GATE GAL said...

Hi Marjean,
I've just peeked in from MJF. I love this idea of a journal. I'm getting ready to speak to a group of women on a theme of healing the mind, spirit and body. I wanted to include the healing power of journaling in the discussion. I have 2 hours. You have inspired me to take 1 of those hours and have them create their own journals. Thanks for the awesome idea!