Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living With Lyme Disease- A New Approach

I've been living with Lyme Disease now since December 2004.  My family and friends went on a little trip to the Georgia's mountains and water falls.  I loved to hike to a water fall and just take in the nature and beauty of the outdoors.  We'd been going to our favorite town in Georgia for 19 years and come back home safe and sound every time. 

There should be a sign posted in every park across the country that says: Warning: Lyme disease prevention-with a list of what to do and look for before and after your outing with grass and woods.  It is no joking matter.  I tell my family to spray their clothing each time I know they are headed to an area that could lead to encounter with the deadly little ticks.

When our backyard gets over run with ticks, out comes the natural pesticides to kill them and keep our little Yorkie and cat from bringing one into the house.  Lots of people who get Lyme get reinfected from their pets. 

If you go to the link below and listen to the interview with a medical doctor who has Lyme, you'll know I'm very serious about educating others so they don't have their life turned upside down and changed forever.

Many labs are developing blood test that can detect the bacteria in hopes of giving a positive result instead of the 100's of false negatives that the current tests give.  I'm a candidate for one of these new tests and will be getting the blood test very soon.  They will compare it against the more common test called: Western blot.  Which, I had in 2005 and came back with a false negative.

If the CDC approves this new test it may help thousands of people get proper medical treatments for Lyme.  One of the important treatments for people with Lyme is to repair the damaged tissues of the cells and restore energy to the brain and circulation to the constricted blood vessels damaged by the Lyme bacteria. 

I hope the information in the link below will help as many as possible in living a so called normal life again.  A company that makes products to balance the brain and body (Neuro Science) puts Rhodiola rosea in some of their products.  I take two of them and have seen vast improvements in my ability to carry on a conversation, remember how to spell, add and subtract and not be as forgetful with my short term memory as I had been.

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