Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are You Conscious of Your Spiritual Need?

Are you conscious of your spiritual need?- Matthew 5:3  If you are then you'll be happy!  It's those that don't fill that spiritual need in the right way that go through life thinking;  "What am I doing here and now with my life"! 
 If you're asking yourself questions like, What is the purpose of life?  Is the world coming to an end?  How can I make my family life happy?  You're not alone.  Millions of people are lost in the world's philosophy of live and let live mentality.  You don't exist to eat, sleep and work.  You exist to serve God, serve others and be happy.
  How do you serve God?  It's really simple.  Do you read your Bible daily?  Do you have an accurate understanding of the theme of the Bible?  There is one, did you know that?  It's not just a book to help guide our life.  It has a purpose in our life, one thing.  God's kingdom with Christ Jesus as King.  When will he rule and how can you be a subject of that kingdom?  Check in tomorrow for the answer.  Knowing the answer to these questions will make your life have purpose and you'll be eternally happy!

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Karrieann said...

Thank you!
...I needed the reminder!