Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year, A New Opportunity in Life

A New Year, a New Opportunity in Life- This year I'm setting out on a new journey in my life.  Keeping focused on God, Family and Friends is how my family and I lives our life.  So this year I'm going to focus my blog posts around those three topics.

  First, let me talk about how I keep God first in my life.  I start off my day by saying a prayer of thanks just for being alive and knowing him and his purpose.  Then, I read a bible based scripture book called "Examining the Scriptures Daily" that is taken from a Bible based journal published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. 

  This is today's text: Revelation 6:2- "He went forth conquering and to complete his conquest."  Article-Like David, Jesus is a conquering king.  Shortly after he was installed as King of God's Kingdom, he conquered Satan in battle and hurled him and his demons down to the earth.  (Revelation 12: 7-9) His victorious ride will continue until he will "complete his conquest" completely destroying Satan's wicked system. (Rev. 19:11, 19-21)
   Like David, though, Jesus is a compassionate king, and he will protect the "great crowd" through Armageddon. (Rev. 7: 9, 14)
  That is just a sample of the kind of spiritual food I receive through my religion. I love it!

Next, I said I talk about family and friends.  My family consists of my husband, daughter and now my niece.  The four of us live in a city known by the police as little Miami.  What fun!  Mainly due to the large population of Hispanic in the community.  Thankfully, we live a life that keeps us free from the criminal element in the community, that of course all places on earth can not avoid.  We've learned where the gangs meet late at night and do not go to those areas.  The area we live in is quiet and our neighbors are friendly and we help each other in times of emergency. 

   In the department of friends I have a blessing that has been measured out and overflows its borders.  I have friends all over the world.  Some I've never even met in person, but we are friends non-the-less.  My dearest and closet friendships have been long lasting now for over 30 years and more.  My closest friend my own age I met in 7th grade and we became the best of friends til this day!  I love her dearly.

   Another long time friend is old enough to be my Mother, so she is a Mother figure for me.  I can talk to her about anything going on in my life and she listens and gives me good advise when I need it.  She lost her husband last year and we all miss him terribly.  I long to see him again when life is much different than today's world.

  So, check in daily to see what spiritual and family treasures I'll be sharing with you.  It will help you grow closer to God and to your family and friends.  Many blessings to you.


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