Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living With Lyme- Alternative Treatments

I decided I would continue on this subject to help other's who have Lyme and can not use the conventional medical treatments.  I don't know how many people with Lyme are like myself and can not take anti-biotic's that are usually given to kill the bacteria.  The reason I can not take them is because I was put through a battery of tests with MRI's and Stress Test using nuclear medicine without taking my current health conditions into consideration first by the hospital doctor's.

I had three test two days in a row. That was too much for my poor liver and organs.  One month later, I awoke to terrible pain in my right side, burning in my stomach and an overall feeling of burning up on fire from head to toe.  I was rushed to the emergency room only for the er doctor to diagnose allergic reaction to something!

My organs started shutting down one by one until all I could eat was apple sauce for one week.  I was so weak I had to be helped to and from the bathroom and back into bed for six months.  One of my friends knew a naturopath and took me to him.  After doing reflexology on my feet, they determined my liver and gallbladder were inflamed and damaged.  They had me do a liver cleans to flush out any gallstones and chemicals.

After completing that procedure I could start eating eggs, rice, pumpkin and vegetables.  That was my diet for those six months.  I was back and forth to my gastrointerologist and the ER doctors. They finally said we don't know what's wrong with you and scheduled me for Shand's in Gainesville, FL.

But, my gut feeling was if I go there and they start doing more tests and wanting to fill me with more chemicals I'll die for sure.  I had friends taking care of me while my husband was at work.  I could feel the life going out of me.  I had gone from 139 pounds to 98 pounds in those six months.  I had to be in a wheelchair to go out of the house to doctor appointments.

I finally called my sister-in-law and told her I didn't know how much I could take and would she take care of my daughter who was 13 at the time.  She immediately told me not to think like that and to hang on for her sake.  She then said her Mother-in-law recommended a homeopathic doctor that I should go see. But, it wasn't cheap and we didn't have insurance.

I told her well maybe she'll take payments and I said a prayer.  We called the doctor and low and behold she answered the phone instead of her receptionist who was out at the time.  I told her who referred me and that we didn't know what was wrong but I was going down hill fast and would she take payments.

She said I'll see you this Friday and I'll work with you, no problem.  Well, Friday came and I was to go in a 1 p.m. I was so weak I couldn't get dressed, so I called the office and asked for a later appointment, they gave me 5 p.m.  Well, I made it to that appointment and two hours later after all her testing she said, you have Lyme disease.

I would have cried but I was too weak for even tears.  She gave me what she called a high dose for my genetics and within 10 minutes I had color back in my ashen cheeks.  My friend who had brought me exclaimed: "My goodness, you have color back in your face" and started to cry.  For the first time in six months I had a glimmer of hope that I might get through this nightmare after all.

The next day I pulled myself out of bed at 8:30 a.m. and eat breakfast that my husband made me faithfully every morning and got dressed with his help and went to our local Kingdom Hall and was greeted by over 100 of my friends, one of which was our traveling overseer who had been to my house the day before the doctor appointment to encourage me with Bible texts.

He stopped and waved to me from the platform and continued with the program.  I went in the car to join in our door to door ministry for 30 minutes and then was taken to a friends house to sleep until my family finished for the morning and brought me home.

That was the beginning of getting my life back.  Jehovah helped me find the right doctor and medicine and with his holy spirit and organization gave me the strength to endure this trial.  I thank him daily for all that he has given me and how he did not leave me in my time of need.  For the next two years I was in excruciating pain from my waist down.  I could not take anything over the counter anymore so I endured with lots of prayers and Bible study daily.

My doctor would tell me: " I know that it is your faith that keeps you alive and from killing yourself".  She was so right!  Then, after enduring this for two years it was like someone turned off a switch the pain went away.  I've done two more liver flushes since then and continue to be pain free.  I'll tell you the rest of my story tomorrow.

Blessings to you all!

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