Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Handmade Spark

Hello Dear Friends,
   First, off welcome to all the new followers for April!  You are so dear to me and I hope you will enjoy following along with me as I share all my interests and happenings in my life.

  Today, I was featured on Handmade Spark, it is a website that helps sellers from Etsy get noticed on the world wide web.  Here is the link:

  The article is entitled: Tutorial: Easy Quilted Paper Greeting Card by Handmade Spark member Jeanpatch by MK.

  I started making paper quilted greeting cards some time back and just loved the way they turned out so vintage looking.  I've expounded on that area and added a membership club to my shop for all my cards, stationery, note cards, writing sets and much more all in one package.  You can join the club by going to my Jeanpatch by MK shop on etsy. Here is the link:

  Here is a sampling of what you will receive in this 3 month membership club.  Each month you will receive a gift bag made by me from fabric filled with 3 items from this list that I choose.
     * Greeting cards with different sentiments
     * Writing sets
     * journal cards
     * gift tags
     * small thank you card sets
     * note card sets
     * and much more all for one low price, plus the shipping for the three months.  You pay just one time and receive your fun packages for 3 months.  Take a look through my shop for all these items to get a better idea of what you'll be receiving.  While you're there check out my other membership clubs I offer.

  From my home to yours.


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