Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's In Your Food?

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  So, today's topic "What's In Your Food?"  Last week I did a post on what comes in your skin care products and a link to see for yourself what's in your's.  Well, I've been digging around to find great sites for you to use to find out what's in your food.  When you pick up a package at the store and read the label.  Go to the ingredients list.  If you can't pronounce the words or they don't read like real food should.  Put it back and go to the organic section.

  These links I found will open your eyes to all those so called natural ingredients and flavors.  What that doesn't tell you is what is it dirived from.  If you're like me and have a list of foods to avoid that is a page long, then you'll want to find out if your food is making you sick.

  Here are the links I found most helpful for you and your family.  Some are more for parents with kids and others are more detailed for those of us who like to be in the "know".






  These all have wonderful bits of information for you to use to guide you in your food purchases.  If you care about your health and hate getting sick and paying those doctor bills and prescription costs then take action, start reading the labels and eating healthier today!

The last one gives you the top 10 ingredients you should avoid at all costs.  Especially, people with chronic health problems and children.  Just scroll down under the first one on the list and you'll see the page numbers up to page 5.  Don't keep scrolling down the page it is advertising for other websites.

 Since all my food is organic and my family trys to eat as healthy as possible here are two labels of bean cans. One is organic the other not.  See for yourself just how different they are.  And, the organic  only cost a few cents more if you buy the store brand.

It is clear to see that the first can is organic it says Organic black beans, water and sea salt.
The second can non-organic has the first three ingredients : pink beans, water, salt then here come the chemical additives (calcium chloride,  calcium disodium EDTA, which is a known cancer causer.

But, don't take my word for it, go to the sites I gave you and put in those words and see what they tell you about what they are and what they do to the body.

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