Friday, April 15, 2011

What's In Your Skin Care Products?

Hello Dear Friends,
  It's Friday already, where does the time go?  The new year just rolled in four months ago and we are heading for May. Wow!  I think the older you get the faster time goes by.  Do you feel that way?  Today, I'm going to talk about how to find out what is in your skin care products from what you put on your face to what you bathe with. 
  I'm a strong believer in finding out what you put in your body and on your skin.  Some years back there was a young high school student that was heavy into sports, that lived in our state.  For her sore muscles she would use an over the counter creme that relieved the pain and aches.
Well, sad to say she didn't know the dangers of using those products and she kept putting it on to get rid of the pain and she died!
   Why, because her liver could not get rid of the synthetic chemical found in that product.  So, if you think oh it doesn't matter, I've made it this far and am still alive.  But, how do you feel really?  Are you 30 and feel like 60 or 60 and feel like 90?  Or what about the young folks that are always saying how tired they are. 
  It's because of what they eat and put on their body that is making them feel this way.  I have been preaching this to my daughter for years since I came down with this Lyme disease and nearly died from all the CAT scans and MRI chemicals they put in me.  It shut down my liver after 3 tests in a one week period and it all came to haunt me a  month later.  So, this is not just an opinion I have it is living proof from my own personal experience.
  I know people who have had these kinds of test annually and think they are fine.  Well, one day the shoe will drop and they will find out they have cancer.  My advise is stop buying the junk and buy organic only in everything.  It is not more expensive, it will save your life and you will live longer.
  Start growing your own organic vegetable garden.  Get a friend and family involved to help and make it fun.  Round up the neighbors that are home glued to the TV or Internet all day.  They need fresh air and sunshine just like you do.
  Okay, now here is a site you can go to and find out what's in your house today!

  Get out all the products you eat or put on your body and put in the ingredients one by one.  The first thing that will come up on the list is Cancer- the C word. Yikes!  That's enough to make me throw it away and buy organic. 
  So who do you buy from?  Glad you asked, cause I've found just the place for you to shop and at excellent prices.  Just tell them I sent you. 
 I use Melissa's  products and love them.   She is a member of the Sunshine Farmgirl co-op.
Click on the Sunshine Market link for all the great products for you and your home.

 You may also find great all natural products for the body on my co-op by two other shop owners.  Hippie Nation and Planet Earth Remedies both are excellent sources for you to convert over to.  My daughter and niece just love the honey face scrub from Sharon.  And, Susan is making me a custom order, so just ask and they will accomodate your needs.

  I feel so much better sharing this with you all.  I just find it frightening to see that people just pick up any old thing at the store regardless of what it may do to them in the long run.  God gave us a responsibility to take care of our body and if we want to please him then we have to take that job seriously. 
  Don't be an ostrich and just hide your head in the sand and hope bad things won't happen to you or your loved ones.  Take steps now to clean out your body and mind and stay healthy so you can do the fun things with your loved ones for a very long time to come.
I'll share more garden pictures tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Marsha, I could not agree more! I have always wanted to make my own products at home. Have a great book to do that and just need to get it done! In the meantime I try to be careful with what I use!

Have a great day and I am glad to be a follower!

Hugs, Linda