Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Positive, Uplifting Words on Greeting Cards and Prints With Original Artwork by Delecto Art

We all want to be happy and think positive, don't we!  It is not always an easy thing to do, especially since the world is filled with negativity and things we can't control.
                  I Believe We Can Make Our Life Better
                  I Believe I Am Loved
                  I Believe God Cares About Me (John 3:16)
                  I Believe I Am Beautiful
To help myself live a positive and happy life, I came up with a way to incorporate my daughter's artwork into my products to help her sell her work and get noticed.  She is so talented, which anyone who can really draw, paint etc... are talented in my book!
Here is a drawing she did when she was 10 years old, she is now 23 years old.  This cute bear drawing has been printed on canvas paper and can be used for someone whose name starts with the letter 'B' to help them 'Believe' in themselves.  And, to show them that they are loved and cared about.  And, don't we all need to know that?! 
You can frame it with or without glass to add a bit of positive energy to any room. It will be added to my Etsy shop, Luv Personalized Gifts this week.
What do you think?  Would you give this to someone to uplift them and show them how much they mean to you?  If, so please leave a comment. 
Stay tuned to my shop as I add these personalized alphabet cards and prints each week.
                                     Useful Ideas!
I think it would look great in a classroom or child's room to inspire young minds to Believe in themselves!  What about someone who collects Teddy Bears like your Grandmother, Mom, Sister or Aunt!
If you are interested in buying one, make me an offer.  It measures 8x10 inches.  I will consider all reasonable offers.  I'll send you an invoice via paypal.  Shipping in the U.S. is $3.00


Katie Crafts said...

very positive vibes!

2justByou said...

The power of belief can really go a long way. Cute teddy bear!

Natalia Khon said...

Very cute! Great picture for a kid's room!

ALew Photography said...

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Ruth Tobal said...

Love your shop Marsha...It is really nice...Specially those homemade line of essential oils are room freshener..

Just love it!!!

Ruth Tobal said...

Love your shop Marsha..Specially the line of essential oils freshener..Just love it.

Ruth Tobal said...

My Shop link on Etsy