Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Etsy - Handmade Product Reviews

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to new followers!  So glad you joined us!!

Have you ever bought products on Etsy and left positive feedback because it was just as described but you weren't really happy with it and you didn't want to hurt their score of 100%? There is nothing wrong with that, I do it too.  Maybe there is some little something you would have done differently or would change.  

The best thing to do is contact the seller and give your suggestion.  But, if you are still too shy to do that, I'd like you to send that information to me.  I'll post it here anonymously!!

Sign-up with me via email to be one of my "Anonymous Reviewers".  In the subject line put: "Etsy product reviewer" so I can find it fast.  I will then contact you and add you to my list of reviewers.  You will receive a list of things to look for and give feedback on.

***It will be honest and polite observation. It will in no way degrade the seller or their product.

I would like to have 10 reviewers to start with.  So once the list is full I will let you know.  I will make a second waiting list, so if anyone drops out the next person will be contacted and added to the main list of 10 reviewers.

Sign ups begin today December 13 and will close December 31, 2011!

Let's set a start date of January 5, 2012 for our first reviews!  That will give everyone plenty of time to recover from the holidays!

Etsy Sellers:  If you would like to have your products tested and get free advertising here then this is what you need to do. 

*♥Here's the twist!!***♥ I am going to product test each product that I buy and that you send me.
***Please send me a completed item so that I can add my observation to the post when I feature your product!!!

I will give feedback on how it was presented. (wrapping, any samples etc..)
How durable it is after a weeks use or how long it lasted (where appropriate)
The size and color options. (send that with the item)
Why I think it would make a great gift!

This will accomplish several things. 

1. It will give Etsy seller's feedback on how to improve their products and thus achieve more sales.

2. It will show Etsy customer's how to still leave positive feedback, but communicate with the seller from the customer's point of view.

3. By my reviewing your products it will give customer's a means to see how great your products are from one of Etsy's Team Captain's point of view.

Reply here to be featured and if you need my address send me a message to sunshinefarmgirlcoop@gmail.com
Take advantage of this free advertising!!!
Don't forget to leave a comment to get on the starting list!

Happy Reviewing!



Marjean said...

We have 3 anonymous and 3 sellers signed up so far! I have two lists going so there are still 7 spaces open on each list!

Marjean said...

There are 6 spots left for the anonymous reviewers. That leaves just 4 spots to fill.

Send me an email if you want to join us.