Saturday, December 10, 2011

Plastic Canvas Fun Bookmark

Here is a fun project for you and the family. This is a plastic canvas kit that I purchased online. Check your local craft store for more fun and easy bookmark kits!  This was my first plastic canvas project. I completed it in a day!  I plan to buy more supplies and see if I can copy the body and make a template to share with you all!


Update on my vintage hankie project!  I have made 2 more for a total of 6!  So that leaves me only 359 more to go!

I have so many fun new developments coming to the co-op and my Etsy shop for 2012!!!  I hope you will follow along and join in my excitement!!!  
Please post if you are reading my blog!!  It gets very lonely and a little discouraging that you don't let me know you stopped by and are reading my posts!!!

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me!



my mini bag said...

Ohhh this is cute. Look kind of hard to make though =p

following you from blogging buddies

Marjean said...

Actually, it was super easy. Thanks for being a new follower on my blog!