Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 31: Look For The Good

Day 31: Look for the good, be surprised. Find pleasures in the little things. If you know you will be around someone that always seems to bring out the worst in you, stop and look for the good in that person. Tell yourself something wonerful will happen.

Or, perhaps you will find a great new place to buy your favorite collectibles. Maybe an idea will come to you of how to solve a problem you've been working on. Whatever, the day brings look for the good.

You don't have to look far or hard they will come unexpectedly and surprise you.

Day 30: Find Refreshment in Spiritual Things- Weekly bible study is a routine at our house. I couldn't get through my week if we didn't prepare for the spiritual meal the faithful slave provides for our congregations. Worldwide there are over 100,000 congregations that they take care of and care for the spiritual needs of every member. And, that is no small feat, there are over 7 million men, women and children.

We are provided with the same information that builds us up to deal with these "critical times hard to deal with." 2 Timothy:1-5

When I became ill with Lyme disease five years ago they came to my aid and helped take care of me and my 13 year old daughter. For seven months on a daily basis they took shifts taking care of me until my Mother could take over. Truly, a loving sisterhood they proved to be. John 13:35

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Cindy Lou said...

Finding the good in little things
is something that is so ignored! When my dog jumps on me in delight when I return home its so easy to be more concerned about dirt from her paws or annoyance when she is absolutely so delighted to see me she can't control herself. Not many people care that much! When I'm out in the garden I try to look for beauty and it can be in a bee, or a weed as well as in the plants I try to tend. When I'm making a meal I try to realize the joy that cooking can provide for those it is served too, instead of it just being another task. Even the smell of fresh laundry can be a delight.