Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 38: Just Say "NO"

Day 38: Just say "NO," that is the most powerful word in the English language, so why not use it to your advantage?  For some of us, saying no is just to hard to do.  We feel like if we say no we're going to let someone down.  But, that is not the case at all. No-is your barometer in life.  It is your way to keep the lid from flying off the pot, so to speak.  If you don't say no to the things that you really can not do then you are only hurting yourself. 

Get into the habit of saying no-to unreasonable deadlines, obligatory social engagements, interruptions during dinner.  Say no to things you do out of habit or guilt, or to meet someone else's agenda.

When you do, you'll learn an important lesson; by saying no, you are better able to say yes to the things that truly matter in your life.

Day 37: Take a Break from the news- We dropped cable months back and still have one of the old tv's that isn't digital.  We just watch movies we buy or get through the mail the ones that we want to watch not the junk that is on tv most of the time.
I get my news from the Internet when I log on in the morning. Whatever is happening in the world comes up on the front page of my home page. I scroll through, check the weather for the day and week and then I've had enough of the news to last me all day.
My husband listens to a talk radio station in the car to and from work and if there is anything really important it's on there and he comes home and tells me about it.  It really feels good not to be watching one depressing item after another. And, that's all that seems to catch their attention.  So, it's off with the news around my house.

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